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My Meet and Greet in Atlanta GA 7/22/2012

Well I'm going to start off first with my meet and greet experience. I went to the Nicki Minaj concert in Atlanta, GA. This was the first time I've ever met Nicki. And being that this is where her career took of from I just knew that the concert as well as the meet and greet would be EXCELLENT!!! So me and my bestfriend get to the theater at 530 because the email that was sent to me stated to be there no later than 600. So I walked up to the window and asked the lady/receptionist if this is the will call window to pick up me and my friends VIP laminate/things. She told me that an employee will be out in a minute to pass around VIP wristbands to the people who purchase the VIP package. Mind you that it was hot as balls in the lobby room outside of the theather. Finally an hour passed and still no wristbands. Finally they told us (VIP purchasers) to line up in front of the theater entrance doors because we were on our way to meet Nicki. I'm like so excited until the employee made the comment "if you do not have your wristbands you will not meet Nicki." Everyones looking like WTF!!! "Nobody came out to give us the wristbands like they told us they was going to!!!" And this is where it went all to HELL!!! He goes on to say you need your wristbands and we keep telling him that we did not get anything!!! So they finally get I guess the manager/mangement or whatever and he tells us to stay in the lobby until he comes back. Then a lady comes back and she goes on to say if you don't have the letter that was sent to you or the receipt stating that you purchase the VIP package you will not get to go backstage!!! Good thing I brought in my printed receipt. It was finally 0630 and people were going with other employees and headed outside the theater. Some even stayed in the outside lobby along with me and my friend. After about 0700 they tell us to go in the theater and go to our seats and they would come find us. We're all still looking like WTF!!!! . Like how are you going to find us out of the thousands of people that are here. We finally went into the theater and stayed inside of another lobby. I had to get me drink because it was winding down to almost 0730 which was the time stated on the ticket. So an employee finally comes to get the VIP purchasers and she tells us to stand on the wall until she comes back. Its finally after 0730 and I look down into another lobby where I see that some of the people that were standing with us but left with that one employee had wristbands on. So now I'm frustrated!! I'm so frustrated I went to get me another drink. I finally come back and the lady employee comes back and moves us into the theater. I'm thinking yes we are about to go backstage to meet Nicki!!! WRONG!!!! They give us this speech about how Nicki did a show in DC (which she did) and was on a plane on her way to Georgia and the equipment didn't get there until 1100 and blah blah blah!! But I was checking on twitter and they were saying Nicki was in ATL like hours ago. They went on to say we won't be meeting her before the opening act (2 chainz) but we will before she goes on stage. Its like 0800 now. They tell us to go to our seats and at 0830 to line up on the wall in the theater so we can go backstage to meet Nicki. I knew right then and there this meet and greet wasn't going to be shit! So we go to our seats and 2 chainz comes out and perform. At 0830 we hurry to the wall and they escort us outside of the theater into the lobby. We are missing 2 chainz performance and everything. They finally tell us that Nicki wants to meet us after her set because she's running out of time and she has to go on stage immediately. So after her last song, line up on the wall so we can be taken backstage. By that time, I'm cursing saying this is bullshit. They were basically giving us the run around. But then I thought it might not be as bad because it will be after the show. I finally tell the employee that half of the people don't have wristbands. So we had to go back to the outside lobby which was outside of the theather, back to the window where I first went to get our wristbands!!!! Mind that I'm still missing 2 chainz!! I finally get to the window and they give me only one wristband and I purchased two!!! I was so fucking heated!! SOOOOO they tell me they have to go backstage to get another wristband. It took them for-FUCKING ever to get the other wristband. I finally get the wristbands and me and my friend missed the rest of 2 chainz performance. We only saw him perform two songs. So we go back to our seats and its a little after 900...Nicki finally comes on and I feel a little relief. So I'm dancing having a good time and I'm really enjoying the concert because she had a lot of special guest appearances. We even snuck closer to the stage and got really good seats. So I'm amped up, sweating, hair messed up because Nicki did her damn thing at the concert. So the last song was SuperBass and we hurry to the wall. So everybodies lining up and people are passing us saying what is this and we are telling them what's going on. Finally after about a couple of minutes after everyone left the theater some people come out from her management or security and give us the rundown on the "RULES": No kissing, No hugging, no personal pictures, you can only bring one thing in for her to sign etc. U couldn't even give her your gifts you give them to somebody else who gives the gift to her. And really no hugging...I understand no kissing, but for real no hugging like wtf we're not going to hurt the woman. Finally we line up and I'm excited because I'm about to see Nicki. So we get backstage and they give us pictures of Nicki so she can sign them. SB walks past me and I'm like OMG!!! I touch his arm and he waves and smiles at me and tells me Hi!!! I'm smiling so hard right now. He also gave me a hug and engage in little conversation with me and my friend. I'm excited now. So I hear Nicki little soft voice saying give them sodas and she can sign boobs. So I'm the fifth person in line and the line is moving fast. The man comes up to me and snatches the picture out my hand of Nicki. I'm looking at him like I'ma beat your ass and he says she gonna to sign these. He then gives me a picture that Nicki already signed and said you can have this one. So they have Nicki inside of this black curtain so we couldn't see her until we went inside of the curtain. The security man finally says next and I step up and there before my eyes is the beautiful Nicki Minaj. I'm looking like O_O because I can't believe it. She finallys says HI PRETTY GIRL and reaches out her hand. I cover my mouth and try to hold back tears because I'm so excited to finally meet my favorite artist. She grabs me and wraps her arm around my waist and I do the same and we take the picture. I say to her can I get a hug and she says "you sure can" and wraps her arms around me. I started feeling all mushy inside until when I started to wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly, her security is unwrapping my arms from around her and pushing me out the curtain. I didn't even get my boob signed. I couldn't even get a last look. It lasted for nearly 5 seconds no lie. I finally get out of the curtain and went to the table to get my belongings and I just was standing there waiting for my friend because no one would tell me which way I needed to go to get out from backstage and she was behind me. Then all you heard from her security was loud yelling saying "HEY LADY KEEP IT MOVING!!!! I'm all scared saying damn you didn't have to yell. I finally exited through the doors I came in. I see SB and he is talking to everyone and taking pictures. All my electronics were dead so I couldn't even get a picture plus my friend had them in her purse :(. After waiting my friend doesn't come out and everyone took their picture with Nicki. I tell the security man to see if she was still in there and he goes in and says everyone has left. SB went backstage and I'm just waiting there for my friend who was sent another way that led to the outside of the theater while I was inside. Finally I waited bc I thought Nicki was going to come out but she never did. I got up and went outside of the theater and located my friend only to find out the Nicki signed her boob!!! But she didn't get a signed picture. We didn't even get a laminate!! Me and her just shook our heads and left in disappointment. There wasn't even an afterparty. After seeing pictures Nicki in DC partying with fans in the club and all them in the VIP section with bottles, New Orleans getting Popeyes and other pictures of meet and greet...I was really disappointed!!! Like where did they find the time to eat Popeyes etc. I was really hoping for just a little conversation with her. Like it nearly lasted 5 seconds. My meet and greet was really with SB and I wanted it to be with both. For the amount of money we paid, we really got treated like trash and was played. Everything about the VIP package was unorganized. I would have thought she was going to cater to us more bc this is where her career BOOM from! I did not like it at all. It just seems she caters more to the people internationally then the Americans. After this experience I can't say that she has lost me as a fan because I still love her music, but I lost respect for her because of how we were treated. I probably will be just attending her concerts and just trying to get a free picture with her because the $250 meet and greet was not worth it AT ALL!!! Nicki really needs to do better with the meet and greet and stop taking our hard earn money and think that thats ok. And she also needs to tell her security to stop being so damn mean to the people who paid just to be next to her and take a picture with her. Like she could of showed some appreciation and showed us that she cared about us listening to her music and making her the big superstar that she is now. She showed ATL her ass and told the us to kiss because thats how I felt. Even though I did meet her, I was very dissatisfied with the overall meet and greet. This was my first time and probably will be my last.

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