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MY MOMENT 4 LIFE!...PART 1 (don't even gimme dat look like 'who she think she is splitting this up into parts, like I wanna sit here and read this whole thing)...but you're reading so....

*DEEP SIGH* I would normally start this off by SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING (yall know I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE to spazz) but…it’s STILL really hard to breathe (I keep having to take really big breathes in to relieve myself) and I just want to get it all out (-_- pauz)

Not only was today by far the most INCREDIBLE day of my life…everything leading up to it was amazing as well. I remember how I couldn’t even contain myself when it FINALLY became July 20th (midnight). I was getting hot flashes and everything -_- I knew that it wasn’t going to hit me that I was meeting the QUEEN until the very day it was going to happen. I remember when I bought my VIP tickets weeks ago I was so happy that I decided to do it because it just felt like now was the perfect time to finally meet her. I had been prepping myself for weeks and saying in my head over and over ‘Julia…you can’t mess this up! You can’t meet her and forget what you wanted to say…or better yet forget your name (cuz that’s something I would totally do -_-) this is YOUR moment.’ So when the day FINALLY came it hit me like a ton of bricks and I couldn’t keep it together. But it was a good ‘I can’t keep it together’…a‘I’m so happy this day is FINALLY here’ keep it together (lawwwwwd ima say FINALLY like 5265415444744411494 more times…you’ll deal though).
I managed to get my life in order, pack and do all that wonderful in-between stuff to get ready to the event. (Of course there’s a lot of tidbits that happened in the middle but ion wanna bore you with that…and by ‘tidbits’ I mean wine…don’t EVEN think for a minute that I got through this without the help of my trusted friend :p). During all of this hyperventilation I needed the help of some AMAZING TEAM MINAJ members to try and calm me down. Sham (@coupleBOOBS) was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful! It was like she was the one going to the event…and not the other way around. This liddo UKAY barb is by far the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. I love her to pieces =)))))))))))))))) My SPAZSTIC (doubt that’s a word…but it is today) and BIPOLAR bbm’s to/from you got me SO hype. Nay, (@ElectroBarbie_) was absolutely the sweetest as well. (OH S/O to twitter being on some bullshit a day or so ago…again and yall freaking out my on Facebook). UK STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Lyanne (@OnikaIsMyReason)…lyanne, lyanne, LY FUKIN ANNE…OF COURSE HELPED AS WELL. That is my down ass bitch right there =) She started freaking out…and when I tell you that her excitement is contagious -_-…CH. I became a flipping mess while I was talking to her on the phone. Meeting Nicki wouldn’t have been the same without her and she was by my side the whole time. (She’ll have her own wonderful liddo blogdigity as well…derrrrr). And this BLUD right here, Gigi (@LondonKenDoll) was BLOWING UP MY SHIT as well…I always knew you really loved me. Domo (@itsDOMOhoe) helped too!! Thank you SO much for being wonderful and sweet xoxo. Adaisia (@NickiMPinkslam) has been nothing but supportive for weeks!! Reminding me to have sooooooo much fun. You are perfect and I love you. Dominique (@CherryIsis)….her freak outs via DM kept me motivated as well. Such a precious liddo peach she is. There were soooooooooooo many of you that helped me get through last night…I can’t possibly remember you all…so don’
Lmaoooooooooo at that paragraph being sort of like an album s/o page. Like who THEE hell do I think I am? -_- ohhh well.

Okay back to today…I was running alittle behind but made it to pick Lyanne in time. I decked out my MINAJ-MOBILE and wrote all over my windows. As soon as I got on the highway I had someone that honked! I was like ‘owwww owwww!’ But ion know if they were just honking cause they thought it looked cute or they were actually going to the concert as well *shrugs*. WAIT. OH EM GEE. (I tweeted about this but it’s worth retelling) While I was getting my hair done I overheard this girl talmbout how she was going to the concert too! (This was when I was still in Tampa…about 2 hours away from Orlando where the show was at). So I was like ‘OMG I’M GOING TO THE SHOW TOO’ She says ‘what kind of seats do you have’ I said ‘I got VIP to meet Nicki’ She goes ‘I have VIP to see Britney’ and we both commenced in an outburst of SPAZZZZZZZING. It was really funny till I was like ‘awwww how old are you?’ and she goes ‘15’ -_- Don’t fuking say ANYTHING!!! Just gon ahead and howl now…I’ll wait -__________________________________________-. But yea, it was a cute moment.

So Lyanne and I get to the venue and park in the SAME garage that all the tour buses were parked. We pull in my monsta autobile, gangsta (DEAD) and didn’t even have to pay to park! I’m like ‘uh we are VIP’ and the UBER Jamaican lady at the entrance was like ‘SEND HAR TRU’ BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I was like ‘yeah what she said’ to the other guy at the entrance that still had a skeptical look on his face. So we park and meet up with Robert (@Team_Minaj_Fl) and @Jessie_Barbie (who btw is SO FREAKIN ADORABLE). Sooooooooooooooo we see this big ole goldish brown tour bus right in front of us as soon as we come out of the garage…well we were surrounded by buses -_- but that one was especially special. Robert had been out by the bus for ages before we got there tryna see if someone special was going to come out of it (pauz). He told me ‘they were trying to get me to leave and I was like I HAVE CREDENTIALS (he really said that)…FUK OUT MY FACE’ bwahahahaahaahah. Bless his heart.We’re all like ‘OMG IS THAT HER BUS?!?!?!?’…come to find out…it WAS (apparently) her bus because some TRAILER watchers that were out there waiting with us were like ‘that’s the same one from the video!’ Let me mention that it is HOTTER THAN A MIDDLE EASTEREN CLIMATE at this point and everybody is dripping in sweat (EWW) and we decide to walk around the corner to see where we were supposed to meet for the M&G entrance. They kept sending us around the freakin world… ‘ok ok you’re gunna meet here’ then ‘nooooooo nicki’s gunna be HERE’ and we’re all like ‘WHERE THEE HELL DO WE GO.’ So we finally (there’s that finally again) figure out where we are supposed to go in…and we were really early and went across the street to this lil Jamaican restaurant (smh yo us yardies be knowin where to set up shop). I didn’t realize it was a Caribbean place until after like 2 minutes of being there and I noticed the beef patty’s sitting in glass heater contraption thingie. I WAS LIVINGGGGGGGGGG. Mind you, none of us had consumed that substance…uhhhh what’s it called again? OH YEAH…FOOD! In HOURS, so we were all famished! Before we even got there I felt SICK…like nauseous, faint, dehydrated sick. I couldn’t stand up and that whole swallowing (FUKIN PAUZ) spit business wasn’t doing any good. I’m such a big baby when it comes (PAUZ AGAIN) to that. I was so close to passing out at LEAST 3 times. Soooooo I got a beef patty, cocoa bread AND a Ting *giggles* I was a happy camper…until I wanted to THROW UP…again, from nervousness -_-. Ohhh I can’t forget @Snowflakebarbie who was with us too. White girl was hilarious…with her long nails that had designs on them. In my head im like ‘she is sista’...

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