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We go to where we’re supposed to pick up our VIP laminates and I IMMEDIATELY think ‘okay there’s bout to be some serious pimple popping shit if they try that ticket bull shit’ I had printed 5 copies of everything I thought I was going to need. Lmao. Jessie gets her tix with no problem. Snowflake…no problem. Me….no problem. YAY. At that very moment it hit me again as I was holding it in my hand… ‘OMG I’m gunna see Nicki.’ So we’re just hanging around waiting for our time to go in and this big white dude walks by with a laminate around his neck (that was different from ours) and was like ‘are you guys here for the Nicki M&G’s?’ We all agree. He’s like ‘cool…well call time is 6:40pm but the doors will open at 6pm’ We’re like ‘THANK YOU for telling us that’. Then ANOTHER dude walks by us and is like ‘I’m just checkin on you guys to see if everything is okay with your tickets’ We’re like ‘YES! That’s nice of you’ He goes ‘no problem’ and starts to walk away. Then im like ‘whoa whoa WHOA holidayyyyyy! Yoooooo that is MARTIN’ the rest of them were like ‘hmmmm ya think?’ like they didn’t wanna believe it. Im like ‘NO THAT IS FREAKIN MARTIN’ (him and his cute liddo slender build :p) They’re like ‘ok ok! Let’s get him to tell us who he is’ (cuz at this point he never said his name) So I go ‘soooooooooo where EXACTLY do we go and what time’ (lmao. Eye already knew…derrr) and he’s like ‘you’re gunna go here at this time and yadda yadda yadda’ Im like ‘THANK YOU!’ I then look down at the laminate around his neck and it says ‘MARTIN’ on it. And I get all into my TYPICAL DRAMATIC self and point and yell ‘MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTIN’ *he laughs* OMG THE CUTEST LIDDO LAUGH EVER. Like, ‘awwww you guys know who I am…’ laugh. =) He goes ‘aw I feel special’ I give him a look...and said ‘YOU ARE SPECIAL MARTIN!!!’ and he smiles again. We’re all like, ‘it’s SO nice to meet you.’ But like you have to understand that he came up to US out of freaking nowhere and started talking to us….like, how amazing is that! He is SO freakin nice…it’s kind of sick actually. But in the most perfect way EVER. We talk to him for a bit then he leaves to go back inside the arena and we are all spazzing, of course.

So its now time for us to go inside!!!!!!! Martin comes back! And is like ‘I’ll walk with you guys’ (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) oh oh oh! Before this, we were telling him that we had gifts and wanted to make sure HB got them…so he took them all and brought them inside with him the first time he left =) we walk over to our entrance together and of course had to show our laminates AND tickets again. Everyone gets in the door and they proceed to scan the barcodes on the tickets. (Martin is still here with us at this point as well). The girls get in and I walk up to give them my ticket that I printed out from online. YALL ALREADY KNOW WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY -_- the old lady ticket scanner (ion why they be having these OLD ASS PEOPLE DO THIS KIND OF STUFF…knowing damn well they should be home knitting quilts) goes ‘uh this ISNT the correct ticket’ I give her this look and actually kinda smile cuz in my head im like ‘bitch I was waiting for you to say SOMETHING. So lets fukin gooooooooooooo’ of course I go through that ‘ion what you’re talking about…this is the only ticket I was given’ speech. She’s like ‘no. you were supposed to be given an actual event ticket at the box office around the corner where you just came from’ I’m like ‘yo lady, they did NOT give me anything other than this here laminate around my neck and a piece of paper talking about what time we were supposed to be there’ She shakes her head. Please understand that EYE AM JULIA and stuff like that ALWAYS ends up happening to me. Also understand that I had prepped myself for this for the past few days. I KNEW something was going to happen. Martin explains to the old lady that I wasn’t given anything else. I’m standing there in this sort of daze…looking like a lost puppy up at the girls way ahead of me. The lady says ‘just go back to the box office and tell them to fix it’ and Martin and I go for alil walk -_- We’re back at the box office and end up going through one employee and supervisor. So I’m like, might as well have a lil convo while they’re trying to get this resolved. We’re talking about random stuff and he mentions Nicki isn’t there yet. In my head im like ‘derrrr she isn’t there yet. She’s never there when we THINK she’s gonna be there. She is on her ‘im the queen and I show up when the fuk I want’ time. Then the box office supervisor comes to the windows and talks in that funny looking microphone and says ‘apparently the ticket you need was emailed to you…and has already been scanned once today. Someone has it and has already been admitted for entry’ Smh. I’m like ‘errmm. IMPOSSIBLE’ Martin and I are looking at each other like ‘WTF’ I once again tell her ‘EYE NEVER GOT ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I JUST GAVE YOU TO VERIFY’ She brings the M&G list over and my name is CLEARLY on it. I slide her my ID and give her this look like ‘DON’T PISS ME OFF BLUD’ She all like ‘Martin…Martin…she was supposed to be emailed this ticket…Martin…Martin’ Im like ‘lady if yew don’t shut you ass up right now’ So finally she’s like okay, ‘I will give her a ticket’. And we hurry back to the M&G door…

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    Awwww!! Im Sooo Happy 4 You Hope You Had Fun Love :)

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