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MY MOMENT 4 LIFE...PART 3...sorry guys : /

K, so now I’m in =) (pauz) I meet back up with everyone and we are spazzzzzzing of course. Like, if this our lives? Is this really happening to us? Are we REALLY meeting Onika? No no no no no no no no no no no this can NOT be what’s really good right now. So we get to the spot that we have to wait in front of until 6:40pm…We’re on the ground floor of the arena on the inside and we can see the LESSORS at a distance looking over at us, breaking their necks to see why there’s a line. Heheh. We are towards the back of the line and the huge wooden double doors are ahead of us. THOSE DOORS…Like Nicki is somewhere behind those doors!!! We of course want to be the last people in line cuz derrrr we’re team minaj HOE. But these OTHER people kept showing up late and making it very difficult to stay at the very back. I was soooooooooooooooo happy to be out of the freakin sun and enjoying the air conditioning that I was like ‘lemme gon ahead and pop a squat right here before I faint and these people think im crazy’ So now we are all sitting and waiting and talking and sitting and waiting and talking and sitting -________- then I get a call from my liddo HOT DOG @Nicki_Support and she’s like ‘im here’ and im like ‘where?!’ a pause…then I notice she’s standing right in front of me. She is so sweet!
AND THEN THE DOORS OPEN!!!!!!! KIYUH! But of course we are led through a hallway and into the evaluator to go upstairs…to see the QUEEN *shimmies* Now I start to actually calm down. So freakin weird. I wasn’t as freaked out and nervous and shaking like I was before! I still don’t really know how that happened….but I’m glad it did. It’s funny because now that I’ve started the regrouping process…the other girls emotions started to kick in and they were completely OPPOSITE! Not me being like all ‘awwwwwww it’s okay to cry’ LIKE WTF. I was positive that I was going to be a bloody MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. HOW DID I END UP SO COOL, CALM AND COLLECTED?!?!?!??? SMH. I’m not comprehending…I was soooooo worried about being nervous to the point of no return, forgetting everything that I wanted to say to her and just standing there looking at her like a deer in headlights (sidenote: ion kno if that happens a lot though. Nick don’t play that. She’ll give you this ‘you better speak to me’ face…and it MAKES you open your mouth and say something). But yeah, I pulled it together and realized that I was going to see the woman of my dreams =) and best not act
We are all ushered into the MEETING ROOM…and the door closes behind us…*GASP*! The room looked nothing like I thought it was going to look, actually. But then again…I didn’t really have an exact idea of the way it looked in my head…We’re told by the event people to make a line (which ended up curving around the entire room…Martin had told me earlier that there were about 40 people in the M&G, which was kind of an average number) At this point we’re still trying to make sure that we are at the back of the line…but some fools keep messing up the formation! You should’ve seen us ‘nah nah you go ahead…we good’ We are all talking about what we wanted to say…and awlldat. (Good lord…I’m STILL not breathing right -_- yoooo I think I may have acute asthma…s/o to THAT. Fml) Anywaydoe. In comes Martin from behind the other double doors straight ahead that Nicki will eventually come through. We all clap and are like ‘YAY MARTIN’ He gives us this speech about ‘no cameras, no phones, no jumping on Nicki’s back (lmaooooo *side eyes DOMO and that lucky lil boy from the last show*, no kissing her. I’m thinking ew at the people that try to kiss her. No offense to yall who try to kiss her…I just know shes not a big fan of it. He tells us what time she’s going to go on stage and I realize that our M&G are going to be BEFORE her show : / so we wouldn’t have as much time with her cuz she would have to be slightly rushing to make it on stage in time. He goes ‘she’ll be out in a few minutes. We hope you enjoy the time you’ll get to spend with her here’ ohhhh ohh ohhh I forgot to mention that Martin was able to give us our gifts back so we could give them to Nicki ourselves =))))))))))))))))))))))) So now I’m trying to remember what I wanted to say to her. And yes, I had written everything done prior to this (like 2 weeks prior). Gworrrrrrrrl I had a rough draft and a final copy. I was NOT playing. I even had a FOLDER with me BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA with my all my ticket stuff and what I had written down to say. Then he leaves and we are left to wait and wallow in our CRAZY excitement…
AND IN COMES ONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG NO NO NO NO NO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THE QUEEN IS HERE. Ok. Everyone knows/has heard (who hasn’t seen her) that she is tiny…so I won’t beat that over the head with a stick. But yes, she is a tiny liddo thing. As soon as she walks in everyone claps and cheers and hoots and hollers. But I just smileeeeeeeee and smileeeeeeeee and smileeeeeeeeeeeeee. Finally I’m like ‘omg look at her. She is just too freaking cute. I can’t right now’ Let’s talk about the FACT that my favorite monsta-doo that nick wears is the BLACK BOB (awl you blonde wig folks can take a _/ for a hot minute) and she was wearing a BLACK wig. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Im convinced she knew what my liddo heart desired and did it JUST to please ME :p She was wearing this lil ADORABLE shiny half coverup thingie…a cute screened tee (I don’t remember what it said though) and fabulous leggings. Her eye makeup was insane!!! THE COLORS>>>>>>>>>>>>>OH OH OH !! AND THESE FABULOUS NO HEEL GOLD BEDAZZLED BOOTS!!!!!! She was on her rider shit tonight =) I couldn’t believe she was LITERALLY in the same room as me. Iono know how thee hell I wasn’t pissing though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stood there in awe for like a minute or so…
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! REEEEEEEEEEEEWIND. So when Martin was in there the first time this Vak looking dude (he was mighty fwayyy) was with him. Had awn dark shades doe -_- but EYE looked at him ONCE and was like ‘ohhhh heyyy LUCKY’ I freakin knew it was him…but for some reason nobody else could figure it out. (That’ll make sense in a minute)
Ok so we’re back to Nicki finally coming in the room. Of course, SB was with her…and Lauren came out with them too (shes SUPER pretty) and our no-named sunglassed vak friend came back out too. Safaree. Now this coon right here…CH. Coolest. Guy. EVER. He was a bit shy at first and then we were like ‘OH HELL NO. COME OVER HERE AND TALK TO US’ Soooooooooooo he’s talking to us and being all cool nshit (AHHHHHHHH CAN YOU SAY FIONNNNNNE. LAWWWWWWWD. But lemme stop, yall already know what it is). He was being funny as usual (but not NEARLY as ignorant lol). Sorry, I’m drawing a blank as to all the stuff he actually said…everything is kinda muddled in my brain right now…but you’ll understand why. But what I do remember is that these M&G were going WAY TOO FAST =( what I do remember…we were toward the back of the line (the end of the curve) so I am actually looking to my right over at her and not REALLY realizing how fast the line is moving! I was shaking a bit and trying to go over in my head what I wanted to say. I just remember thinking ‘if you forget to say your name you are a flippin fool’. *snaps out of deep thought and comes back to reality only to notice that EYE am up next*

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