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MY MOMENT 4 LIFE...PART 4...we're in the home stretch guys....

And then shit got real…I pulled it together as best as I could and I started walking up to her. Still smiling, she holds out her arms like ‘who’s next’ (cuz it was going really fast). Me ‘Hi Nicki. I can’t believe youre standing right in front of me. Youre beautiful. I’m Julia’ Nicki ‘aw thank you barb!...what do you want me to sign?’ I pull down my shirt alil and she signs my chest. I also give her the PF insert and she signed that too. Me ‘I got you a something’ Nicki ‘aw what did you get me’ I show her the bedazzled pen case I made (lord knows that was a PROJECT cuz ion be doing crafty stuff like that) for her with the words ‘It If Is To Be It Is Up To Me’ right on the front and then I opened it and showed her the all metal sharpie that was inside (this wasn’t just any sharpie…it was a refillable sharpie that came with the cartridges) that I had ‘Nicki Minaj’ engraved on it. She gave me that ‘OMG NO YOU DIDN’T LOOK’ (if you’ve met her you know exactly what I’m talking about…it’s the tilts her head to the side and makes the cutest liddo face ever, look) and I was SOOOOOOOOO happy she loved it. I forgot to show her the other gift for her that was inside my bag (alil bedazzled gold…totally matching her boots (Im like a squirrel…I like thiny things) fortune cookie which I made my own liddo fortune on a tiny piece of paper and wrote ‘NEVER give up ?’. I folded the paper up super tiny so she’d have no choice but to open it and read it. I really hope she sees that one too. Sooooooooooooo she hugs me again and says thank you and we take our photo…a group photo : / . Now…AWL you folks that were requesting for me to tell her that you loved her…EYE AM SO SORRY! I told yall that it was gunna be hard for me to remember =( I really didn’t want to disappoint you guys…but when you’re in that moment it’s super hard to remember EVERYTHING you wanted to say. I didn’t even get to tell her all that I really wanted to say but to have her hug me repeatedly was all I needed to feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Gosh…I hope I don’t look obese in that photo….
She gives safaree my bag of goodies and while she’s talking to some other people I look over at him and say ‘SB I got you something too. It’s in the bag. Go look at it RIGHT NOW’ He smiles, reaches in and his face kinda lit up! I had gotten him a black fitted (s/o to yall who told me the right size to get) that said BC-1 on the front and HAMMER on the back. I KNEW he was gonna like it but I didn’t know he was gunna LOVE it. He walked around the ENTIRE M&G holding in his hand….like I didn’t put it down at all!!! Like, it was his most prized possession. I was LIVINGGGGGGG. I said ‘Safaree, I’m glad you like your hat!’ He goes ‘yeah I love it…and points to it’ Then we started to take pics with him…and his new bff (my fitted lol) and it was GREAT. Yall may have already seen some of the pics on twitter already. OKAY. Sooooo Nicki was cutting it REALLY close and didn’t get to finish talking to everyone in the line!! There was a whole group across the room that didn’t get to meet with her. So she walks over to them and explains that she will come back to finish up the M&G’s with them after her performance was done (which was about to be in like 20 minutes) and that she was sorry. They were all happy that they were gunna be able to come back. Okay by this point we had been talking and cutting up with Safaree the whole time about coon shit, and he made it sooooooooooo much easier not to get nervous. He was wearing this DOPE YSL belt buckle that I LOVEDDDDD and a VVS big ass chain, that was in the shape of a shield. Let’s not even mention his watch…cuz you already know.He was kind of in the middle of our little group so I went up to him (he’s STILL got the fitted in his hand) and I was like… (wait. This is a story I wanted to tell Nicki myself but I just didn’t have that much time with her)…’remember when you gave out the cell number a few weeks ago and EVERYONE was calling…well I musta been like the first caller (no I think I actually was the first call to get through)…I was expecting to here YOUR voice (SB) cuz you were the one getting us all hype about it and YOU keep tweeting about how you’ll send out the number in 5 min. which turned into like an hour -_- …so I thought you would answer first and then pass the phone to Nicki (or something like that)…well I did get through and got a FEMALE ‘HELLO!’ AND I FUKING SPAZZZZZZZZZED OUT!!! I was sooooo confused cuz im like…uh that is NOT SB. I was like ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyggaaawwwwwwwwdddddddd’ (just like that in slow motion cuz im SO cool -_- I said omg one more time and then I asked THE DUMBEST QUESTION OF ALLLLLLLLLLLL TIME. ‘Who Is THIS’ *waits for you all to DIE cuz I sure did* (I was the most nervous I had ever been and say really dumb things when I’m under pressure). OBVIOUSLY she responds ‘ITS NICKI. HOW YOU GON CAWWWWL MY PHONE AND ASK WHO IT IS?!?!?’ Me ‘ohhhhhhmyyyyygawwwwwd’ Nicki ‘CLICK..dialtone’ -_______________________________- smh. The TM members we were with were all that ‘THAT WAS YOU!!!?!?’ and I look at them like ‘ugh, yes that was me’ Now yall know that everyone was tweeting about it for forever about how some idiot asked them Who it is. I was soooooooooo sad and embarrassed at the time…but it’s kind of funny now. I sat on my couch and stared at the wall for a good ten minutes and couldn’t move, or cry I just was beside myself. Like how could I have asked such a STUPID QUESTION? So then im looking at SB and I go ‘what made it EVEN worse was that IMMEDIATELY after I hung up you tweeted ‘WHO WAS THE DUMBASS THAT JUST CALLED THE PHONE AND ASKED WHO IT WAS’ (eye know you bitches remember that too) and in that VERY moment I knew my life was completely OVER. After telling him this (ohhhh don’t worry..the story wasn’t that long when I told it to him lol) he goes with this ‘dumbshitforlife’ look ‘Welp. I TOLD you to not ask who it is.’ And I laughed and was like ‘mannnnnnnn I was nervous and for some reason expected to hear your voice firsttttt =( everyone in our lil group laughed some more about it.
Okay so Nicki was still in the room at this point and had just finished telling that group that she was going to come back after her show to talk to them. Safaree looks at us and goes ‘yall can come back too’ WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WE GET TO SEE HER…AGAIN! BEFORE AND AFTER HER SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg omg omg omg. Martin goes ‘you need to be back here by 8:40pm…cuz that’s around the time she’ll be getting off stage and you can wait for her to talk to her again’ WE ARE LIVINGGGGGGGG at this point. So Nicki runs away to leave cuz she had to get ready to go on stage and kinda stops in the doorway and we all happened to be right there and she thanks us again and smiles at us right before she’s about to walk in and eye go up to her and give her ANOTHER hug and say ‘THANK YOU’ and she’s like ‘awww no thank you!..Enjoy the show’ …we run outta the room like a bunch of wild apes to go find our seats….

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