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MY MOMENT 4 LIFE...PART 5! yay! you all made it to the end *hands you award*

Its SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get down to the floor seating (WINNING) and have to show our passes AND tickets again! And of course, they got OLD ASS PEOPLE working for them doing this. SMH. So I show the dude my laminate and the ticket that I was given and he goes, she (and points to some lady) will show you to your seats. So we follow her…but Lyanne and I are both thinking ‘pssh! We are not finna actually stay in them seats. Nigga like cmon. We WILL be up front giving her life on life on LIFE!. So unfortunately Jessie and snowflake had different seats (figures) but we were like ‘NO WE ARE GUNNA STAND TOGETHER’ …the show hadn’t actually started yet, until it STARTED!! Like out of nowhere! And we all RUNNING to the front of the stage. OUR SEATS (more like where we were standing)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> like we would be RIGHT in front of her. I was soooooooooooo happy cuz I just knew that she was gunna look down and see us and get so HYPE. Okay so but I can’t remember exactly what song she started with but I do remember that she did My Chick Bad, Up all Night, Moment 4 Life, Save me (CH. I will go in on this one in a minute), Check it out (which Lyanne was living for cuz for weeks she was talking about the dance and how she couldn’t WAIT to do it by the stage lol) and she ended with SuperBass. I’m sure I’m forgetting some…but I know we all jammed to those as well.
OMG DID IT ON EM…derrr how could I forget. Yeah, that was EPIC.COM. She was sooooooooooooooooo HYPE during that one and we were SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Her dancers were amazinggggggggg. And yes, MY little blonde that I was totally crushing on (simply because Nicki LOVES to give her the business on stage) was there =) and was working it!!!! I was so glad I wore a TM shirt (S/O to @MisszSharii for her awesome designs) cuz Nicki kept looking over at me, pointing and smiling (there wasn’t that large of a crowd down front so we had even BETTER chances of being seen). So we are all up front giving her life when the security people start coming over and telling us to move away from the stage -___________________- ugh! We were not having it. The worst part about it was they were like ‘you need to go back to your seat’ WHILE SHE WAS PERFORMING. So I couldn’t thoroughly enjoy EVERY moment that was going on, on stage. But through all that I was SO thankful that not one person said anything about us recording/taking pics. The pics I got are really good. (I’ll be putting them up soon). Anywaydoe…Bedrock starts and the crowd starts going crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. I’m pretty sure that was the song she did with the bagpacks and they were all pretending like they were school girls. It was freaking She did another song after that (we tried to sneak by the security guards again…and were successful!...until they made us move again!) I managed to get up close enough to get SAVE ME on VIDEO. This song not only means SO much to Nicki but to all of TM as well; everyone can relate to it in some way. She did the whole song while sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage. Okay let me add that I sing..i like to sing and I’m decent at it so I am a BIG critic when it comes to vocals. In my most honest opinion her vocals during THIS particular performance were ON POINT. I HAVE NEVER HEARD HER SOUND SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I was literally in shock because she was absolutely singing it live. Save Me is the song that to me she sounds better on every single time she sings it. Her voice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it was soooooooooo hard to record it while it was going on cuz I was freakin out at how good she sounded (hopefully audio on my recording does her voice justice) I WAS HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! And then she ended it on the floor *sigh* it was wonderful. She did a quick costume change and came back out. I can’t remember exactly what song she did but at some point ENYA started playing (wait no…that’s the wrong order but ahhhhh oh well) and Lyanne gave me this look like ‘omg im gunna die’ she’d been listening to Enya ever since she found out it was her in the background of Nicki’s set before (and in the middle) and she came out. The Enya bit was magical…they had words on the screen in the very back of the stage that were being read in Nicki’s Martha voice….and one line said something about ‘PLAYTIME IS OVER’ and I was like ‘oh hells yeah…MIXTAPEnikaaaaaaa’ Sooooooooo her performance was pretty much ended and she came out to the front of the stage and thanked everyone for showing love. She goes ‘Britney is still getting ready but she wanted me to do ONE MORE SONG’ and SUPERBASS came on =)))))))))))) (the crowd went WILDDDDDDDDDDDDDD as they should’ve) and LAPDANCEnika was BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. She was giving the business to one of her dancers this time and I was once again LIVINGGGGGGGGGGGGG im all like ‘POP POP POP!!!!’ at the lapdance part. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. It was EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. The show was wonderful. We won’t really get into the fact that it took everything in my not to faint. I was trying SO hard to be hype but at this point my body was crashing and I started getting muscle spasms in my feet…it was making it REALLY hard to stand up. But anyway…she left the stage and we RAN (or tried to run to back to the VIP area where Nicki was coming back to until I realized Jessie and snowflake weren’t with me and I had their phones). We FINALLY found them and were back in front on the area were at before. Took the elevator to go upstairs and were back in the VIP room…AGAIN…waiting to see Nicki…AGAIN. Ahbhanbahibhanbahibhiahbnahboiahgihfanvnakbhiahgihanbiaihaihbihaibhahbnabhiahiahih!!!!!!!!!! Martin comes back out and just reminds us (well those who didn’t get to see her the first time) of the do’s and don’ts. And then SHE came back again! She had changed outfits so quick!!! MODELnika right thurrrr. It felt SOOOOOOOOO good to see her again. Of course we wanted to give the people who came back the chance to go first, who didn’t get a chance to take a pic with her. So we let them talk to her and take their pics and Martin goes ‘Britney starts in a few minutes if you wanna catch her’ We look at one another and was like ‘NAH WE GOOD’ Funny thing is before this all happened I was excited to see liddo miss brit brat but I was there for the KUWEEN and I knew brit was gunna be just fine whether we saw her or not. But I must admit…I was jamming a bit in the room when I heard some of my favorites being played from upstairs (and so was Safaree). It didn’t help that Nick stopped in mid conversation and was like ‘awww this is my favorite song’ and did a liddo dance. She is too cute too handle.
So we finally get to talk to Nick again and she’s standing in the middle of us and just laughing and having fun. Her smile…it’s…just…everything you think it will be…BUT SO MUCH MORE. It’s infectious: when she smiles/laugh you smile and laugh. I love that about her. She was talking about how she really liked it in Florida and was excited to go to Miami. It was hard to get words in because it seemed like everyone was talking at the same time. I go to her ‘Nicki…just buy a house here and we can have a slumber party’…I winked at her and she laughed. It took EVERYTHING in me not to be like ‘Got that super soaker…” ahahahaahha nah nah nah she would’ve numba signed me for that FOR SURE. Let’s get into that EYE CONTACT though. IT IS LIKE NO OTHER. Her eyes get so big when she looks at you. I was in awe and wouldn’t let her out of my sight! Then I just looked at her and said ‘Thank you SO much Nicki for doing this. I know you didn’t have to’ She grabbed BOTH my hands, held them up and our fingers interlaced. And we were both looking at each other and she said ‘NO. THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORTING ME’ Is this real life right how. Her hands TOUCHING mine?????!!!! (@CherryIsis is dyingggggggggggggggg right now) That is a moment I will never forget. Because it wasn’t like it was just me and her…everyone else was around us just looking at us. IT.WAS.AND.WILL.ALWAYS.BE.THE.BEST.THING.EVER. So after that she goes ‘you guys look thirsty…I have some drinks in my dressing room, you wanna come and hang out?’ UH WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT we’re like yeah, of course we wanna come. But she kinda got sidetracked talking to some other people so that didn’t come to fruition =( but I can’t believe she even asked us!!!! That would’ve been the icing on the cake!!!
The time finally came for us to say goodbye =( she goes to safaree ‘get there twitter names so I can follow them’ So Martin calls us over and writes all our twitter names down on a piece of paper. I told SB ‘you better remember me’ and he’s all ‘of course I will…just mention me’
Ohhhhhkayyyyy lemme give the quick BC number talk. Before all this happened, when I had first given Safaree his hat, our liddo no-named vak looking friend was with him talking to us. And SB goes ‘yo this is LUCKY right here’ and I go ‘I FREAKIN KNEW IT’ REALLY LOUDLY hahahaha. This was the 2nd time today that I recognized one of the Vaks first. SB goes ‘it’s his birthday today’ Im like ‘I thought it was like 2 or 3 days ago’ SB goes ‘well its today too’ DEAD. So I said ‘Happy birthday LUCKY’ and he’s all too cool for school and goes ‘thank you thank you’ I said what did you do for your birthday. He said oh we just went out to eat. Then we asked SB for BC numbers. And I’m like ‘oh shit your gunna cosign?..but I already claimed BC 666’ and He looked at me with this ‘nah nah nah my nigga we aint havin dat’ kind of look and I laughed!! So, he looks at me again…strokes his chin…squints his eyes, points at me and says ‘BC 407’ (mind you he had asked for the area code in Orlando like right before) and I’m like ‘oh hells yes. I OWN Orlando now (always have though) and he gives Lyanne BC 321…the OTHER Orlando area code and we are both GEEKED. Needless to say I’m still secretly keeping my BC 666 (*shrugs* it’s the devil in me) but EYE now claim 407. You bitches will NAWT even make an attempt to check me….
Sooooo now Nicki is saying her goodbyes and how glad she was to meet us. I didn’t want it to end at all. That night was nothing like I thought it was going to be and I am SO glad things worked themselves out. Nicki is a wonderfulllllllll person to be around and I truly hope that you all that haven’t met her yet get a chance to. Even if it’s only for a few minutes…it’s absolutely worth it! (to the UKAYERS. I have the UTMOST respect for you ALL I don’t know how you guys do it. You all are soooooo very special and I literally can not wait till she’s back over there and gives you the life you DESERVE) I just want to thank Martin and SB for being sooooooo nice to us and making this experience that much better. I will never forget this…EVER and I can’t wait to meet her again soon. She genuinely loves team minaj and is always excited to meet us.
There were a few things I left out for particular reasons but that folks…was MY MOMENT 4 LIFE

Xoxo Julia

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    Omg were writing a book??It wud definitely be worth the read!!!

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    ^______^ LIFE YAAAS

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