Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 3:51 PM

17th of october

im, because the radio said that it's gonna snow tomorrow, plus on tv there aree chrhristmasish cartoons and i'm listening to A$$, and it reminds me of christmas because idk. just cause.
and my grandmother turns 70yrs old on 19th of oct, and my aunt turned ... on 9th of oct, my classmate turned 16 on 2nd of oct and he's gonna celebrate it tomorrow, and i guess i'm going. wut else...uuuh

and oh yea, a 10yr old boy called me fat today,thank you, i was just starting to feel comfortabe in my own body and then this, thank you...
aaand, i guess there's nothing else, OOOOH and im getting rid of my braces soon, YAY

and yeah, i guess thats it, OOOOH and i fucking adore Nicki's new album cover, she is totally flawfree omg,

okay thats al i gues, bye xoxo

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