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4th of may

Hey guys, so i think it's time for me to talk about my trip to stockholm.
I was there for three days, well actually i was there for only one day because the ship from Tallinn to Stockholm took 16 hours. And i got seasick, which was extra horrible about that but well get to that later.

Okay, so. When we arrived to Stockholm, we went to Vasa museum. It was a ship museum which was about an old ass ship that has been underwater for about 200 years(i guess) and now it is at the museum for everyone to see. It was was a quite big ship and yeah. Then we walked around the city and the royal building or castle or something like that. btw my shoes were killing me and my pants kept falling down because i didnt have a belt on so i was suffering for about 6 hours lmao. but overall it was cool. we went to the shops there also, we didnt get anything but food tho, because we didnt have much time. then we took a metro and went back to the ship. On the things got worse and worse.. so about first two hours it was all fun and games, but then the sickness got back, worse than ever and i was like uuuugghg. didnt get any sleep. just walked around the ship the whole night and the worst part was that i was EXHAUSTED i was like, if i dont get any sleep, i will literally die. it was bad. but afterall i didnt get any sleep anyways. so at like 7am i was sitting on a bench and uh, an italian guy came up to me and started talking, i was like OOOH HELL NO PLEASE go away because i didnt feel like talking at all, i was about to throw up and i felt so bad ugh, so i felt like im about to throw up right now, and i was like, im feeling sick, i have to go, ill be right back. and ran into the public bathroom. closed the door after me and literally slept or somethin glike that on the toiletseat for about 40 minutes, then i was like, uuummm. i think it would be soooo fucking awkward if i went to the guy again omg. and then i just fucking ran out, didnt even look if he's still waiting or not, but i ran down the stairs as fast as possible and back to my room. laughed at myself, about how fucking stupid i am, tried to sleep, but failed and then just sat on the bed, looked out of the window and waited for the ship to get back to tallinn asap.
when it finally arrived i was about to collapse, i hadnt eaten anything and hadnt slept, i tried to drink water, but everything just got worse and worse. so in tallinn we went to √úlemiste, you know, the mall, because i just wanted to get fresh air and i wanted to buy water just because, and tried to buy myself new shoes, becuase the ones i had had on for the last 2 days were kinda uh bad. so i looked thru the store, didnt find anything, so i had about 10 minutes left and went to get water. got my water and i also got the ELLE magazine with miss Minaj on the cover, i was like OOOOOOOWWWYEA atleast something very fukin positive about the trip lmao. so i went back in the car. my mom was also there and she was like have some ice cream, here. So i was like fuck it im starving ill try some. while eating it wasnt bad at all. but when i was done and we started driving the sickness got back and i was like OHGOD NO. we stopped the car because i was about to puke. everybody got nervous(6people in the car plus me) and you know, nothing happened. then i got back in the car, tried to just calm the fuck down and i slept like 9 minutes and then was awake, trying not to throw up for like 30 minutes ( it was a 3 hours drive from tallinn to where i live) and then sleep and then awake and so on until i got home. when i got home i felt better and literally fell in my bed and slept for like 20 hours straight because yea. felt good. then i woke up, read the ELLE mgzn and then ate.

overall it was quite a nice trip. would do it again only if i wouldnt feel that shit. but yea.
im so sorry about my sentences and my use of words because as you know english is not my first language and i tried to make the story as short as possible.

if you didnt understand something or you have questions, then comment or send me a message, im so happy to recieve ANY feedback from you and just fucking go ahead and yea. thank you so much uf you actually read that shitty ass story lmao.
luv yuh x0x0x0x0x0x00x0x9xooxxo

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    On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 12:12 PM, minajsexual said:

    thanks babe :)

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    On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 6:40 PM, BEAM ME UP MINAJ said:

    Glad u had a safe and fun trip

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