Wed, May 29, 2013 at 2:25 PM

may 29th

okay so, uh, today i didnt have to go to school, because i was supposed to prepare for an exam on friday, but i just spen the day doing nothing. just sat behind the computer and ate. but tomorrow i definately have to go to school, i will prepare for that exam for like 6 hours and then on friday morning 10am i have an exam. it's Estonian exam, estonian is my motherlanguage or native language, i have no idea how to say it. Then next week on friday I'll have my maths exam and the week after that on 13th of june (thursday) i'll have an exam in english. and 14th will be my graduation weehaaw. that's pretty much it. i will be going to the mall one day and buy that Teen Vogue, but rn i have no time.

other thanthat. nicki will make a music video to muny, save me, catch me, roman's revenge i dont remember, not sure hahah , but SAVE ME. oh my god i'm dying, save me has been, is and will be my favorite song from nicki aaaaahhhh just fangirling sooo badd, i just hope it's all true and i cannot wait. *faints*

okay, but yeah i guess thats pretty much all i have to say. bye xoxo

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