Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 4:26 PM

21st of august

I haven't written a 'blog' in a long ass time. But that's probably because I have no news and nothing to tell you guys. Other than I HONESTLY do look forward to school which for me starts on 2nd of september and that's only because I'm going to a new school, everything's new and interesting and probably a week after I will telll you guys that I'm sick of it and I can't wait until it's finally over. But that's with all new and interesting things. It may and does look interesting and cool and awesome at first but you get used to it and then just wait for something new to happen. But I'm glad that the biggest part of my school years is over-9 YEARS! Now three years is High school and then probably university, but that's the easy part i hope/guess.

I LOVE to talk about myself, but it would be soooo cool if YOU guys commented here down below like how many years of school is behind you and how many are coming.

But yea I guess that's pretty much it. Oh and I'm IN LOVE with Nicki's new music, mainly features in other songs but she is slaying!!!

and enjoy summer, we only have a few more weeks of it!!!!

BYE! xoxox

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