Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:33 PM

3rd of march

Hey again!

February went past so quickly and it's march already. damn. School's even worse. I have two books to read. One is due in two weeks, the other one in three weeks. Plus I have an exam in literature, because I didn't read books at the beginning of the schoolyear and I got basically all 0-s and now to get my grades back to positive, I have an exam in two weeks and I'm so nervous, because when I don't pass that, I have to find another school because they'll kick me out. Oh gee, I seriously need to get my shit together. I don't want to disappoint my mother. My mom has paid for this school, the books, my food and everything and I just can't fail the exam now.

On the positive note though: It's already march, like I said and the end of the schoolyear is also near(If I make it there). That's pretty much it.

I have nothing else to write here to be honest. Have a great month and stay safe! :)


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