Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 7:05 PM

14th of april

HECKLE YAAAS, I got myself Bioshock Infinite, well, actually I got it like a moth ago already (23rd of march, to be exact), sorry for being late, but yeah, like some of you may already know, Getting Bioshock Infinite was on my TO-DO-LIST of 2014, and I'm hecka proud of myself righ now. I played the game through in 3 days, because I was sick and I had nothing else to do. Now I'm playing it through the 2nd time, but this time I'm really exploring around and taking it all in, so it's taking a lot more time now. And I'm already considering a 3rd playthrough, because like I read all the reviews and stuff, I've missed a lot. But that's that. Enough of Bioshock for now.

School. School's fine I guess. I got through my exam. Which means I get to finish this school. And school ends in about two months, a bit less.

And I guess that's all Ive wanted to tell you guys about. I haven't been active here for so long because sorrysorry I've done everything else but this webpage. And I've also been playing Bioshock. Sorry.

But yeah, sorry for grammar mistakes and everything that seems to not make sense, you can ask me in the comments if you're interested.

Okay, bye for now! xoxo

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