Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 7:00 PM

5th of june

Hey guys!

I'm sorry, I forgot to wish you the happiest 4th of july yesterday but I hope you had a veryvery happy one.

SO.....It's already freaking july, june went past me faster than a fucking i don know, anyways, i didnt even notice before it was gone. So I just though that I need to lose some, no many pounds of my body weight before I could truly be happy with myself. So what am i going to do? simple: eat healthy and go running every evening. I know that's not that impressive but hey.....better than nothing. So every evening at about 9pm I go running, and i run 1,1km which is about 0,68miles AND I KNOW, that's freaking babydistance compared to what I could be running in my age which is 17 btw. But I really suck at running and basically I run a few meters then I just feel the need to walk, I just cant keep running and then when I feel like, i run again. So the first day of my running I managed to accomplish the distance in 12min and 24sec WHICH IS HELLA BAD. I did my research and the time should be somewhere between 3-4minutes. So yesterday my time was 10min and 3sec [better, but still not there] and today my time was 9minutes and 35sec. slightly getting better day by day. At the end of the month I'll try to get my time down to 4minutes. If I can do that, then I'll

And that is basically my problem...lack of motivation. I'm just so critical about myself, I keep telling myself that I can't do it and I never will. I have no idea how to get my motivation up so I could wake up every morning positively with a feeling that I really can do it.

Anyways..... Talking about my shitty results gets my motivation down even more....

I'll just stop talking about it for a sec....

So what else is new...hmm....nothing I guess. The weather in june was horrible, it was raining every day, literally every day. But now the last few days have been quite sunny and warm and I hope it stays that way. But yea

I guess i'll write again some time :)

Bye! xoxoxoxxx

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