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AWL of Nic's blogs are so inspirational & amazing to read! Why isn't she already out with a book?! She's mega talented with so many things :O I love the funny & witty parts- they have me crying lool :(( Everytime I read Nic's blogs, I can hear her little voice & it seems like she's talking directly to me...anyone else feel like that? LOVE it! Oh & last month, Nicki noticed me for the first time!!! I'm still in awe, like I can't believe it! It was a follow from her on SYW but it made me soo happy to think that the Queen has noticed me! I'm wishing for her to follow me on Twitter too as that would be amazing...would spaz for years!!! I LOVE YOU ONIKA! If you're reading this, please follow me? - @itsHarj_Minaj

P.S. Come visit the shoe making capital of England (where i live...that's all i can boast about it lol, it's just a normal english town really but James Bond got his shoes made here ;D )

& Before i forget, I just wanna thank you for giving us inspiration...I've been doing well with exams because of YOU Nic! Freedom ALWAYS comes in my head during's so relaxing! xxx

-Yeah, I began writing this like a diary and changed to be talking directly to Nic, sorry about that to anyone who's reading it confused haha!

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