Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 5:07 PM


AGH soooo we did NOT get the house for rent!!! at the last minute the owner decided to rent it to a family member cuz dey needed help =[[ i dnt like thisssss at all!!! Sooo we're savin up sum $$$guap$$$ n lookin fa a new house! or apartment or townhouse but mi love jus wants a house gbr oh well. Im basically livin wit her at her parent's house but all ma stuff besides clothes is at mi house. I love wakin up tho every mornin & gettin her readi fa work! I pick out her clothes, put the rags she uses that i washed the night before in a bag by the door, make her breakfast and suttin to put in a lunchbox fa work;; I do her hair most days, and send her off wit a kiss and a hug

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