Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Fck Valentines Day

I cannot tell yu how much I am dreading valentines day Ahhhhhh. This is gonna suck becuz I fa sure will be alone. Every year ma valentines day is shitty n jus when I think it’ll be good…it definitely ain’t. Yes I’m with da person I love more than anything in da universe he makes me so happi n I wanna be wit him forever but he’s not here I never see him haven’t in three years n he lives 45 min away ughhhh. So even tho I’ve been ok lately I wnt be on valentines day it’s jus rubbin it in ma face wit all da ppl spending time wit they’re love all dats on tv everything it’s bout to be too damn depressing =[[. *sigh* #ThatIsAll

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