Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 6:18 PM

mi love

When he says "I love you baby" it's lyke my heart has an orgasm n makes da rest of me feel tingly and happi.

When he makes me laugh it's lyke every piece of me is floating on cloud 9.

Jus to hear him on the other side of the phone even just breathing I smile and it extends to my whole body.

Jus seein his name pop up on my fone my heart skip a beat.

When I think about how amazing he truly is my head feels lyke it's twirling around in a meadow of beautiful flowers.

Jus thinkin of him makes my heart go crazi; doing flips and beating faster and he's the only one it's ever done that for.

He's the only one I feel protective over. When sumone pisses him off or fcks him over I wanna find that person and cause pain to them.

When another girl even touches him I get pissed because he's mine and for him to make me feel this way there's no one else that can do it. I dnt want another girl to find out how amazing he is and how obviously adorable and sexy he is and try and steal him. I'm suspiscious of everygirl that comes around. However I know in my heart that he wuld never cheat on me and those girls are just wasting their time. I fully trust him with all of my heart!

I have never ever felt like this with anybody in fact I never knew it existed. I do not expect anyone to understand but in fact I don't give a fuck if y'all love it or hate it or him for that matter. He makes my whole world bright without even seeing him so I can only imagine how much stronger our love will be once we're finally together. There is no way and no one that will ever make us part because he is my soulmate and I feel it with every pump of my heart with every piece of me and it will never change.

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