Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 3:46 PM

There are some people that shouln't drink coffee just like some people shouldn't drink alcohol

and i'll be back soon to explain why....I would explain now but I'm in a rush and was worried I would forget to talk about this issue of crazy people who don't KNOW they are actually mentally iLL.< not in a good way (since they dont even know!) gotta go get pet food real quick.> back from Petland and Ulta and I saw such a cute lil pup!! She was a PomChi (Pomeranian and Chihuahua mixed) SOOOOO ADORABLE =D

Anyway, as I was sayin, people who shouldn't drink coffee.......
Anybody that lives in a boxed in world, full of narrow-minded judgments....people that *HATE or criticize things they simply do not understand, instead of educating themselves. THOSE are people that shouldn't drink coffee. They become more MANIC with each and every sip and don't even seem to notice they are actin like a crazy, nasty, snappy, paranoid being. ::sigh

On a good note, I also saw this really big bunny in a small lil wood box and it seemed to be gettin it's Om on. And these realllllllly cute purrty birds were kidding, one was a sun conure and the other was....oh ..damn, my ex would slap me if she knew i forgot the name of this bird....basically, its GREEN. P.S. Never date a bird grL. they *eh HEM* ...very silly? jah, silly! Some may refer to "silly" and EFFED UP IN THE HEAD. I dk really. so thats the Izness for 2day. ~on3 Lov3~

P.s. I don't drink coffee because I don't need to be anymore awake that I am. ::sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:::

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