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Gunshot lyrics and translation!

By: xoxoShari

Mi man, mi seh, nuff gyal ah road ah chase you lately. Mi know, the truth, but that don’t bother me. So tell dem gyal dem oooooooooh! And tell yuh fren dem oooooooooh!
(My baby, I know a lot of hoes have been chasing after you lately. I know the truth, but it doesn't bother me. Tell your hoes and your friends to back up.)

My gun ah guh gunshot inna dem bloodclat, any weh an which part, any weh dem guh so tell dem gyal dem yooooo, make dem gyal dem knowwwww!
(I'm shootin these hoes all over if they fuckin w| you, so you betta tell them to back off.)

Mi man, yuh seh,I’m crazy over you baby. No matter what they can’t get in between us! So tell dem gyal dem oooh! And tell yuh fren dem oooh!
(I know you say I'm crazy over you, and no matter what, these hoes can't fuck w| our love. So again, tell them to back up.)

Zagga, I am the girls dem suga. Sometimes mi girlfriend wonder...mek mi tell yuh something. Beenie Man, I’m a G! Di girls dem provide the lock for my key. You alone, mi ah pree, you fulfill all my desires for me. So mi ah guh tell ah gyal oooooooooooooooh! And her fren dem oooooooooooh!
(He's the 'girls dem suga' meaning all the hes love him. He's a G. Girls complete him. But Nic is the only one he's checkin for, she fulfills all his desires. So he's gonna tell the hoes and their friends to back up.)

I love it when yuh on top, buss ah likkle back shot! None an dem nuh have dat,some of dem running, mi ah guh tell ah gyal yooooooooo!
(He loves it when on top, gettin back shots, none of the other hoes have what she had, they run away.)

Hey pretty Nicki, meet admiral dickie, mi fren dem ah tell mi seh yuh have the sticky sticky. Gyal how yuh hot and yuh sexy and pretty! Me, yuh cherry mi want pick it! But its not every girl in my life I've introduced to my mama. But you are the girl I man choose to give honor. So when some careless gyal ah come with them silly drama, tell dem pause like a sentence, mi using the comma. Mek we visit Marc Jacobs and call the wedding planner, for a romantic setting in the middle of the savanna. Ya love is in di air and it feel like ah winner but di heart in a mi chest is like a hammer!
(Pretty Nicki, meet my dick, heard you got that good. You're hot, sexy, and pretty, and I wanna fuck. But I don't introduce every girl to my mama, but you are the girl I wanna honor. So when some ratchet hoes tryna make drama, tell them to stop. We're gonna visit Marc Jacobs and call the wedding planner, for a romantic wedding in the middle of the savanna. Your love is in the air and you feel like a winner, you have my heartbeat runnin away.)

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    You super poppin for this translation, cuz idk what the fck she be sayin ! lmfaoo

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