Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 1:10 PM


By: xoxoShari

Idol favorites!!!! Candice, Amber, Kree, and Burnell! The barbz have voted and would like to ask if you all would be apart of our next "episode" of BBRIdol! BBR is a radio show, 2 years strong with over 90,000 listeners from all over the WORLD! Dedicated to artist Nicki Minaj and hosted by LA's Nelly and New Yorks PBK. Professional and indeed entertainment. This show was mainly created as a source of communication for fans of Nicki Minaj, discussion of common likes, and of course music! We decided for the fun of it we'd do BBRIdol in honor of Nicki being a part of American Idol and we're now down to our last 10 contestants! Yes, people from all over the world and country have called in and sang for the thousands that listen though this is just for fun. How much more fun would it be for the four of you to join us on air this Saturday and listen in/help us judge/give advice/etc... The barbz LOVE the idea and nothing is impossible so we figured we'd reach out to you guys. There's no catch to it, this is an online radio show and it is just for fun!!! Along the way, the barbz have fallen in love with you indefinitely so this is also a way for you guys to talk to your new found fans! If you guys can agree to participate, please let us know as soon as you've read this. You can follow our radio page on twitter, @BarbieBitchRad, and tweet/dm us and let us know whether you can join us or unfortunately not! Even if we can get just a couple of you, it would be so much fun. We will be live with BBRIdol this Saturday, April 6th, at 4:00pm PST. You guys can call into the show PRIVATE so that you're more comfortable. Our number is (646) 716-6382. Thank you guys so much and we hope you can join us!!!

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