Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 11:25 PM

pink friday xo .

By: xoxoShari

pink friday . where do i start . i have been bumping this shit for the past three days ? i love nicki minaj & i love the album . its very emotional, & girl empowering . this is actually my first album i EVER BROUGHT . i usually limewire/frostwire download but for nicki, i had to because i�ma TRUE DEDICATED STANNNNN ? my faveeeeeee songs are �save me� & �dear old nicki� . �dear old nicki� really was good because it showed how nicki really started out . i started listening to nicki two years ago when she was the �old nicki� . the crinkly hair, long nails & bamboo earrings, fitted tees, raunchy style . that nicki i will always love, but the media didn�t accept it . they want the new nicki, the hiiiii i�ma barbie nicki . but anyway i really love the album . i don�t care what anybody says, i love nicki ? i�ve been riding with his since the �sucka free� days, when she dilly dally�n now she�s dilly dally�n GLOBAL : )

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