Thu, May 5, 2011 at 4:36 PM

My First Minaj Experience

I remember the first time I heard Miss.Minaj. I was a sophmore and it was the first day of summer. A couple friends and I decided to go to this dudes house for a block party. We were in his room and he asked me if I had ever heard STILL I RISE "by this chick Nicki Minaj." I listened. I loved it. "It's like she is speaking to me. haha" I couldn't find any of her other songs when I got home.. I could barely find STILL I RISE.... she wasn't a huge success which made me respect and like her even more. Within a year she blew up and She became my role model. Mostly because of her lyrics. She actually gave me the courage to come out in front of my school and tell them a secret I never thought I would. I'M GAY. and THEN. when I found out she liked women.. I couldnt believe it. Now, I have my limits. I just like everyother fan other then the fact that Nicki Minaj has inspired me to such an extent.. that when I am a success I'm dedicating it not only to my puppy but to her too. Although I know I would of heard you eventually, I'm glad I did when I did. PEACE

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