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25 Questionaire About Nicki Minaj of 2012( You a true #TM member?) Lets see!! + 4 bonuses

1.Full name
2.Birth and age?
3.Born and raised?(country,state and city)
4.mother father and siblings name? (how many siblings?)
5.What is her exact height?
6.What is Nicki's Favorite interest?
7.Where did she graduate and do her studies?
8.What year and what enterprisse was she signed by and who was she with before then?(add names of head bosses of each enterprise)
9.what career did she have befor her rap career?
10.who inspired her to write her own music and why does she want that fact to be known
11What number did "Pinkfriday"hit on Billboard and what is the selling of the album?
12.Where and when was her first performance and what song?
13.Who did Nicki do her first collab with after she was signed?
14.Who was the featured artist on the debut album of "pinkfriday''?
15.Finish the lyrics..........
"You kno im spoiled lil'daddy, stomp the floor .we can do it on 5th Ave iin the department store
we can do it in tokyo we can do it up in Tawain .................(finish the rest).................chyeah!"
16.What is Nicki Favorite Food and love to snack on?
17.What is Nicki's Lucky charm?
18.What do Nicki have to have in her house at all times?
19.What are all Nickis Personas 0f 2007-2012?
20.Who are nicki's top 2 inspirations?
21.What are the names of the tours Nicki attended?
22.Who is "SB'' and what is his full name/?
23.why is "Pinkfriday" called pinkfriday?
24.What is Nicki's Backround Story?
25.What is Nicki's Favorite thing to sleep in?

1.What is the quote that Nicki lives off of and who inspired it to her and what does it mean?(give the exact name of the quote)
2.What was her main problem growing up?
3.what is the name of her monkeys?
4.What Does Nicki Have to find in the "Perfect Man"?

25+bonus you are the head mtha-fn top #tm memberz and 3tm and all hail Nick to the death of me and you! All hail you too barb/ken!!!1mmmmmuuuuaaaahhhh...!Chyeah
20-25 you are #tm material
19-15 you are a good member
14-12 you got catchin up to do
11-6 Where have you been? are you crazy?
5-1 #sitcho.... good bye why you even attend to this challenge.... :c

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