Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 2:31 PM

Roman's Back B**** (Buy Pinkfriday: Roman Reloaded 4.3.12)

roman is like my inspiration....why isnt he! To be honest i was like what is wrong with Nicki! now im answering myself i said " She's just multi-talented. Afterwards i loved Roman and Roman inspired soo many barbs around the globe from African America to asian creole caucasian Jamacian Trinidadian especially and puerto ricans. Nicki shoots up the globe in so many places some people dont even know beyonce exist but i bet they Nicki Minaj exist to them. The U.K down to the U.S she's been all over "if she say she not a fan she a lyin mutha-fka"-Nicki Minaj Everybody is a fan even the haters"trust me". " I know these lames is gonna hate me, but um lately it only motivate me"-Nicki minaj. Some people keep ACTING like they dont like nicki like some one i know so close to me, they say they dont like nicki but when i turn around they twerkin to her songs and singin every lyric(even wen they dont say em right) and sayin she got hella bars "WAT" wat kind of hater is that? But anyways Nicki been here*points to heart* since the end of 2007! She teaches her barbs lessons through her music. She Enforces kids to be in skool and while half the U.S and U.K is in skool She Checks to make sure the other half of the globe is in bed Getting ready for skool. I love Nicki and Team Minaj to death.Anyway back to Roman He'z back B****.........he'z The best and he speak his mutha-fkn mind and he gets at yo head he says the thing Nicki cant say but wat she wanna say. I wanna see Roman in Full concert for 2012 for the summer i want Nicki to have a Roman Reloaded Tour Called "Roman's Back"any way Roman back on dummy and he commin at you haterz better watch"im done"- *in breezy voice* Luvu #Teamminaj love #ymcmb And all hail quen @NICKIMINAJ .......MUAH!!!!!

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