Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 7:54 AM

Adventure for ONIKA

I was waiting so bad for the day where pink friday would be out to get it signed (even thou i had it a week befor hand ) i knew she was having her album signing @ the time square best buy and i KNEW i was going i left to the city 12 hours early so i could be there and be one of the first , i waited and waited and maybe 6 hours into it they were sold out but i wasnt giving up soo i waited somemore and i was so upset but i was SURE i was going to see her to i thought and maybe i could go to the back of the best buy because thats were she would be so i waited and thought i should go back to the frount so i noticed she was going in once i left the back of the best buy and then the security let 2 girls who were only waiting for 2 hours in i was mad! but next time i WILLL see nicki :)

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