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Pressed when you should be PROUD!

When I hear people, especially haters, talk about Nicki like she's garbage or hasn't done anything for the Hip-Hop game, naturally I get pissed as would any other member of TeamMinaj. So lets end this debate here and now!

1. Stop Saying Nicki isnt "Hip-Hop" because she is!
1st of all People need to learn the difference between Hip-Hop & Rap! Because there IS A DIFFERENCE! Rap is when you're spiting bars period! Thats it! Now-a-days Rap is being equated to the "street beats" like for example one's with guns firing in the backround. *rolls eyes* Hip-Hop on the other hand is versatile. For those who dont know that means, its means : Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions; Changeable; inconstant. Hip-Hop ranges from anything like A Tribe Called Quest to "Universal Mind Control" by Common. Just because Nicki Minaj has done pop music like "Check It Out" & even a little bit of R&B [Save Me] that doesnt she not Hip-Hop.

2. Nicki is just a "kim impersonator".
Yes, in 2007 Nicki rapped over Kim's Jump Off beat but isnt that what up and coming rapper do?! Tell me on good, hot rapper that didnt rap over someone else's beat to show their skill... *waits* Exactly because their is none. When the boys do it, it ok but if Nicki does it, its a freakin problem. *rolls eyes*

3. Nicki has done nothing for the Hip-Hop Game.
That is a total lie. I wouldn't say breaking countless records & moving barriers for the female Hip-Hop game is nothing. Honestly, who is that last female rapper that you heard on the radio in the last 2 years. (Not Nicki) Maybe Trina, Perhaps Eve, or Missy Elliott. Come'on. Let's be real. No one was paying attention to the female Hip-Hop game until Nicki blew up! And she's not just doing it for herself either! She's trying to pave the way for ladies that will come after her just like the ladies who paved the way before her. *sings Ladies First* Ok sorry lol. :) But seriously, she is constantly being put down and being told she cannot do this or that! And she CONSTANTLY is proving her hater wrong! So instead of being pressed, why dont you give credit where credit is due!

List Of Nicki's Accomplishments (Not all of them):
-First ARTIST ever to have 7 singles chart on billboard simultaneously
-First female MC to ever be on the MTV’s hottest MC’s list
-Nicki performed on SNL
-She has 3.6 million twitter followers
-First female rapper that performed at the Yankee Stadium
-Pink Friday is the FIRST female rap album in history to have 3 top 20 hot 100 hits
-She has the best first week album sales for a female rapper in the hip-hop/rap album category.
-Pink Friday went Platinum in 11 weeks.
-She was the first female rapper to actually make a million off of a mixtape.
-She was just nominated for Top Rap Album at the Billboard awards
-She performed at the Billboard awards
-She performed on Carson Daly New Years Eve in Times Square
-She performed on Jimmy Kimmel
-She performed on David Letterman 3 times in one year!

She's done all this and MORE, its kinda sad to see that people would rather hate than congratulate and applaud her for her achievements. But so it is.

Message to all the Haters: Keep up the good work and keep telling Nicki that she cant do things, so she can keep proving you DEAD WRONG!

"My Haters are my Motivators." - Nicki Minaj

#OUT! Until nxt time, MsSmartBarbie aka Gabby

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