Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:43 PM

Letter to Nicki/Onika

Honestly how do you do what u do? I dont have any other way to explain that question. I alwayz wondered how you give so much to everyone and I barely complain about it! Sometimes you get frustrated and angry but you alwayz put on a smile or a funny face for us. How do you simply accept the simple truth of "it is what it is"? And eventhough u have a mega crazy schedule and you're constantly in the public eye, you're happy. Truely happy. I admire that soo much. I honestly will never understand how you went from the girl in Autobiography to who you are now. You're so strong and beautiful sometimes when I think about it I tear up because i'm extremely proud of the person you have become and the thing is you're not done growing as a person or artist yet! I dont even know how to end this letter cause I kinda feel like I was pouring my heart on a page to you lol :) Well I love you Nicki but I think I love Onika even more. #TeamMinaj 4evr
- Gabby

Nicki MInaj - Here I Am by ToDreamLove

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