Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 1:58 PM

I MISS Nicki's Concert!

This started last year.. me and my bf.. talking about jokes and young money..
bf: baby what if lil wayne will have a concert here?
Me: nahh! so impossible but i will watch! because he's hot
Bf: lol! no i wont allow you! hahahah by the way what if your queen go here in Philippines will you watch her concert?:
Me: hahah you must be kidding me Nicki will not go here LIKE Wayne it's impossible
1 year later.................................
2012..... Nicki have a concert and LoL! i just missed it

This is my baddest story... She have a exclusive concert here July 11 2012 and the tickets were not on sale... you just need to get a blackberry plan to get her tickets.. it is FREE tickets actually .. when you grab a new Blackberry phone.. the tickets are free,,, the're 2 blackberry curve the 9220 is for 11usd (free 1 ticket) per months for 2 years contract and 22usd for the BBcurve 9320...(2 ticket) and for 2 year contract too.... I paid all and get bb curve 9320 so i will have 2 tickets.. then the people in the company promise me to get the tickets soon.. then my phone was delivered but no tickets .. untill the day NiCki is here.. i feel like.. scam but.. they inform me 2 hours before the contest that the tickets are sold out.. I wait June 23 2012 till the last day and no tickets huhuhu So i cry!

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