Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 8:58 AM


I don't understand how you can bash an artist and judge them just because of their music? You don't know them personally. You've never been through everything they've been through so what gives you the right to judge their sound just because you don't understand it. If they are blatantly being disrespectful (ex: Lil Kim) then that's a different story but to disregard someone because of their sound? Come on, barbz, let's have a little more maturity then that! This doesn't just go for those people who are famous either, but anyone who makes music deserves a chance. If you don't like that then okay but don't bash someone's entirety just because of your one opinion you never know how that'll affect them or anyone else.

And to those who continue to hate, Mamacita, you BEEN a fan. #Stopit5 #SitDown

*You know my (their) name not my (their) story*
*Until you walk in my (their) shoes, don't judge my (their) life*

-The Real Philosophy 1
*Muwah!* *Muwah!*

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