Myranda preddy qurl biitchess
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* taken ? sinqle ? doin' me

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????????] 99.9%
yall best qet t0 n0 me bc imma b here 4 life bxtchess jus d0inq me babie
First , let me start of by saying my name full name is Myranda Jean Stephans, and I'm NOT singleee (: I'm takenn by Curtis Tyr0me Pittman (3.21.11]don't even go there girls!!(: ? ? I blow the candles out on n0vember 28th . I really don't like DRAMA AT ALL ! I'm a peace keeper and I get along with EVERYBODY ! I have no reason not to . If you want to know anything else , text me or message me i q0 t0 aj mcmullen middle sch00l (i n0 i feel s0rry f0r me) i am 14 years 0ld. i l0ve txtin&cheerleadin my number is 724 812 3274&i n0 ur lookin at my pixs ur proble thinkin damn im fine :P i s000 wouldnt blame u n01 would but qirl haters..well i hate bein sinqle at my school i l0ve math im 0n the math team (n0 qeek!) then readin&writinq is the best t00!(: cnt wait till i qet 0ut 0f tht sch00l DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA uqh then n01 likes me ther&i hate the qirls but my tw0 besties Casey Dawn Snyder i have l0ts 0f friends in pittsburqh&uniontown hiqh school cant wait till i qet there..well i love swimmin&i am rlly skinny i date black b0ys s0 d0nt u dare call me raceist and then NEVER EVER say the word n***** in front of me or i will hurt u..soooo happy wit Curtis i l0ve him wit all my heart A&F(: teehee! im the sweetest bxtch yall will eva meet so love me or hate me i dnt fuckin care,,guys love me!!,,but sooo not at my skool u can call me a slut if u wanna b jacked up(: but other then tht back off my emeines are courtnry burnsworth, marissa migliozzi, kristian maust..idk how ppl can stand them i remember when me&the ppl on the activity bus was tlkin bout how marissa suffs her bra l0ls pathetic!!! i dnt tho ppl love 2 hate on me th0. my mom&dad dont trust me at all they think i l0st my vrginidy l0ls but omq i l0ve pittsburqh i wish i lived ther&wass born ther but ill qo t0 pittsburqh university im s00 qonna b ther 4 colleqe:P but ther are l0ts 0f WVU fans in my sk00l ther a bunch of dumb ass' but u no wht it is.... omfq plz dont say black&yell0w i hate tht sonq i lik green&yell0w coz lil weezy sinqs it but anyways tht is my sayinq.!(: my dad's family mostly lives in Pittsburqh&tht is awesome i no i l0ve it dwn ther i qo every month f0r my braces? i hate braces but my teeth are q0nna l00k sexy lik meeeeee teehhee guys radomly add me &tell me im sexy haha so dnt hate & enjoy my sexy body:P i l0ve barbie? (nicki manji..) im a mini manji;)

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