Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 4:50 AM


VIDEOS. VIDEOS. AND MOREEEEE VIDEOS. Eeeek!!! Shout out to all the videos that we've been getting and to all the ones that are on the way. The A$$ video was BEYOND epic. Likeeeee. She was twerkin like her doggone life depended on it. Goooo Nicki! ^___^ I'm SO ready for the Y U Mad video. Female Weezy is my freakin bff. She's OD dope! The vid is beyond overdue but hopefully it will be dropping soon. Fireball is being shot at this very moment. I heard it's directed by Hype Williams so I know it'll be great. Make Me Proud is another video I simply can NOT wait for. I know it's gonna super bomb. And I already know that Drake is gonna be maddddd extra *rolls eyes* but I'll let him be great. Now, as for the You The Boss video, I would love to see it (because of Nicki) but I'm actually scared for what that video would be like, tbh. I hope Rozay just lets Nicki do her scenes separately from him because I may cry and possibly throw up if I see him tryna get fresh and rub up on Nic. *shivers at the thought* Like I can't deal. :| Nevertheless, I'm ready for them all. I absoultely LOVE seeing my Nic on tv. So bring these vids oooooonnnn! Let's Go!

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