Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 6:59 PM

I hope this is A liddle interesting............. o.O

So i posted a new blog yesterday i think, but i accidentally deleted it because i realized the blogs i posted back then were so ghetto and dumb and tried deleting them but instead deleted, well, you get the point. Antyways, Its sad that i still dont know how to make my profile look preddy, but ill figure that out soon. But here's what's happened so far in my life. I, uhhhh, Now its summer time and Im going to be a Junior! Whoo! But this summer wont really be a summer because I have classes at Edison State College starting on the 17th! Lol, Oh and on Wednesday im going to the NAM pageant training with my girl Jenny! We both got accepted to States!! Yup, I'm really excited! So Nicki Follows me On Twitter and SYW! That explains how BlessedT I am!!! To be able to know that the Queen Noticed moi and found me interesting is beyond an amazing feeling. Like, today she added one of my post to her catalog and liked it. Before that in march she liked my other post also! DANG! Im so thankful and happy because its an UNEXPLAINABLE feeling. And if this is how it feels just to be noticed by Nic, then, i wonder how it will feel once i meet her! Yes! I AM GOING TO MEET HER..... one day. Being 16 and living somewhere you know Nicki will never come is a pain! BUT, i know God Will help me to find a way to her. I'll Keep Praying.

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