Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 2:35 AM

So Much To Do...So Little Time :0

Summer is almost over. Which means my sophomore year of high school begins in about 11 days YIKES!!! I have to finish up my summer homework for my AP classes, and my online summer school (WHICH I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN EVER IN MY LIFE EVER) before time is up. I guess that means I'll have to study for hours and hours . The good side of this whole tragedy is that, well...I'll be able to start driving (which I'm kinda scared to do), and get my temps, I'm a step closer to graduating, my natural hair journey will soon come to an end, I'll return to school with a new attitude and wardrobe, see my friends again, and just be NyErHuN . I hoping that Sophomore year won't be nearly as bad as Freshmen year (mentally and academically) so I can get into an early nursing program junior year and hopefully graduate with an associates degree in nursing AND a high school diploma. OH! Also, I'll be starting Spanish 4, so I'm close to fluent (there's 5 Spanish classes), then maybe I can start early on Japanese language. Also other advanced classes (but hopefully I won't be the ONLY underclass men, please). So yeah Maybe the 2011-2012 school year won't be so bad?? Verdad

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