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Is the beef between Mike Epps and Kevin Hart staged for the best comedy duet of the decade or genuine Grade A sirloin? The comedians have been throwing insults back and forth on Twitter like pros at Wimbledon (example: @KevinHart4Real looks like a bald headed chipmunk that slid down a dusty chimney!), and now Epps finally opens up about their feud.

"As a comedian, you do get offended when someone takes a shot at you," Epps explained to Houston's The Box radio show. "Sometimes on Twitter you just gotta snap at somebody. He kept snapping at me and I snapped back," he added, before jokingly referring to Hart as "my only friend who can do a back flip under the bed."

Sounds like it's still fun and games between these two, until, as Epps points out, somebody "winds up in the dumpster outside of Chuck E. Cheese

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    On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 3:18 AM, keke561 said:

    kevin hart is a funnier comedian....

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