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Finally! A Nicki Minaj song on Glee

By: makenna

Finally Glee has performed a Nicki Minaj song. On last night’s episode ‘On my way’ (season 3: episode 14) New Directions sang a Fly / I believe I can fly mash up. Honestly it was about time and personally I believe Her Minajesty deserves a whole episode dedicated to her. I loved the fact that they did a Nicki Minaj song but feel they could have done the song more justice. Usually I always end up fancying glee versions over the originals; and I would have preferred it without R.Kelly’s input. To be fair though my love for Nicki might be clouding my judgment, take a listen and tell me what you think: (Glee version)

versus Minaj ft Rihanna)

‘On my way’ was a very explosive episode. New Directions won regionals, Blaine is back in action and it would appear the Dalton Warbler’s Sebastian might have turned over a new leaf. While Finn and Rachel are waiting for Quinn to arrive so that they can get married, Quinn is involved in a seemingly fatal accident *Fade Out* trust glee to leave us hanging!!!

The most important lesson in this episode however surrounded Dave’s attempted suicide. After being exposed for being gay Dave tries to kill himself because he can’t handle the taunting and ridicule. Mr Schuester urges the Glee Club to think of the big things they’re looking forward to in life. He explains to them that everyone has moments in life where they think there’s no way up but there’s always a future. As Nicki would say, “love people for who they are, and stop ridiculing, chastising and condemning people because they seem different.”

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