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Keeping up with Team Minaj

By: makenna

There is ALWAYS something happening with Team Minaj (TM) y'al know the main factions - Team Minaj United States (TMUS), Team Minaj United Kingdom (TMUK) and Team Minaj Africa (TMA). TMUS obviously forms the mass of the TM population. When we need a Nicki Minaj related World Wide Trending Topic (WWTT) TMUS gets that done in 10minutes or less. TMUS gets everything and more of them have had their Moments for Life (M4L) than any other country. A moment for life is used to describe anything that is outstanding and has to do with Nicki Minaj, in most instances that would happen when she tweets you, mentions you or you meet her.

Team Minaj is like a family, according to twitter a 10 246 003 followers strong family. In the entertainment industry there are different kinds of fans. In Team Minaj there's three main ones:

1. Stans

2. Fans

3. CF (Common Folk)

To be a stan is the highest of fans. A stalker + fan = stan. A stan is a ride or die fan who loves Nicki nomatter what. Stans know everything about Nicki. They know where she's at, what she's doing, who she's doing it with (pauz) and when she will be doing something. When she's filming a video they know. Stans are the people that bought several copies of Pink Friday. Being a stan goes beyond the music. It goes to loving the artist as an individual.

Fans are well, just that. To be quite honest they are less biased. Stans love everything that Nicki does but fans are at liberty to say when Nicki misses the mark. There really isn't much to say but stans can chill with fans, we see where y'al coming from. so for example, I don't stan for Rihanna, I am a fan of her music and certain aspects of her character etc.

Common Folk are the people that think they are fans but they only know the songs that they've seen on TV. They probably heard Super Bass and loved it and thought they were now hardcore TM because they could sing every word plus they don't know who Scaffbeezy is (that's a crime). OK OK there's nothing wrong with being CF. Just go stan somewhere else and stop acting like you know when you really ain't know. More often than not CF slip into haters when they don't get any attention from Nicki or TM -> That could get you popped!

"Think it's funny when people love Nicki all over Facebook yet they don't know the first thing about her and they've only heard Super Bass," says @lailalovesnicki.

Ok so you still have a lot to learn. Team Minaj is so diverse something happens every day. You ask how I can have a blog dedicated to one person? My fav stay winning she does something new every day sometimes I canĂ¢??t keep up. Twitter is where it all happens, get yourself a twitter account and follow @NICKIMINAJ we need to get her to 10 million barbs.

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