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By: RockyRock

Yesterday (Friday), during the afternoon my brother, his gf, his gf's brother, and I went to the mall. My brother went with his gf and her brother went with me. It was my first time meeting him and actually getting to hang out and talk. We began talking little by little and began to "warm" up to each other and talked comfortably with each other. The whole point to this post is, he began telling me about his struggles...because I asked him how his life & his family's life was (yes, I'm nosy). He had to start being an adult at a young age...17, meaning having to take responsiblities. He had to have his name under their house, he's been paying for the rent, he has to pay for himself to go to college, and he has to pay for his cars/bills/expenses. It was a bit tough listening to his story because I kept thinking about how I keep complaining about my life when his was more tough. He kind of told me that if he wasn't able to pay for the rent, his family would be torn apart too. He's basically the string that is tied around his family to keep them together. It was so sad having to listen to this (not pity sad, but sad from my heart). I then asked him about his relationship with his siblings (he's the oldest child). He feels that his sister thinks he embarrasses her which I think is totally wrong...why would your own sister feel that way right? And he talks to his younger brother occasionally or just plays games with him. Basically a mutual relationship but not close. It made me think about my life and why I complain SO much about this and that. He never had a choice. He HAS to take the responsibility of his family. I wish I could help out but I'm only 17 with no job...What can I do? :(. Don't take your life for granted. There are others who had it much worser than you. *Experienced it.

Everyone has a story and struggle of their own.

Thank you for reading.

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