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By: RockyRock

I'm dead tired and I'm typing this at 3 in the morning lol.

Have you ever come across a point in life where you like someone so much but it was difficult for the both of you to be together? I feel like most people do come across that situation. It feels like you've found "the one" and want to be with that person, to love/date them. But there's that something or someone that prevents the both of you from being together. Sometimes it's usually another girl/guy, family, friends, etc. For my situation currently, I really like this guy, even though he's four years older than me, I always have fun with him even just doing the simplest things like hanging out, chilling, or even just sitting at the park. I feel like he's the guy I've been waiting for. He's such a sweetheart. But the "something" that makes it hard for us to be together is that his younger sister and my younger brother are dating. If me and him went out, it would be a awkward situation right? So that's why we never went any further. It's even hard for me to just go hang out with him now, even just as friends, because our siblings think we like each other. We do know how to keep our distance. The second "something" is my parents. It's the typical "Oh I don't want you dating right now because you're too young...You'll get distracted from school...". That kind of stuff. I do understand where they're coming from though. He told me he can wait though because he wants to be with me. I tell him all the time that he can find someone better that's actually worth his time. I don't want him to wait...Life's too short. But he's very persistent saying that I make him happy and he's willing to wait and I love that about him. It shows he's very dedicated and sincere which is very hard to find in guys now a days (I think haha). So here's my question: Would you wait for the person you like/love even though it's difficult for the both of you to be with each other?

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