Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 2:40 AM


By: RockyRock

It seems as if kids these days are growing up SO fast especially the ones in elementary-highschool (freshmans). Seems like kids these days are more into partying, drinking, smoking...etc. Some just dress as if they're adults, the boys and girls, and even try to act older. It just makes them look like brats in my opinion. Some kids don't even know their manners anymore when they speak. It just comes off as rude to me. It irritates me even more when kids speak to their own parents with no respect; like yelling back, cussing, and/or ignoring them. I think the way they talk and dress are mostly influence from peers, their environment, and media. I wish kids didn't want to grow up so fast. They still need to enjoy their childhood, not to "act cool" or to show off to other people. My own sister, now, is so rude. My parents would ask her something and she would just nod or just give them that attitude look. I'm like "You have a mouth, use it and answer them". My brother changed too. The way he speaks now isn't polite. Not all the times but sometimes. My siblings were never like that when they were younger. I know it's the influence from their friends. They changed. I knew it was bound to happen when we moved houses and switched schools. I wish kids still had manners when they spoke. I wish kids respected their parents more. I remember when I was younger, all I cared for was going to school then coming home to hang out with my friends to play kickball, dodgeball, and soccer. The simple life. Maybe the newer generation will never be like the past. I guess that's how it is.

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