Sun, May 27, 2012 at 10:31 AM


By: RockyRock

This post is not about what I usually write about. But today my post is going to be about our dog, Kenny. Typically he's my sister's dog. I remember 3 years ago, in the middle of August, my mom brought home a small puppy that she got from a friend that she works nearby. I absolutely HATED dogs and it irked me when a dog would get near me. My mom told us that my sister has been telling her that she really wanted a dog so my mom got her one. So, the day she brought home Kenny, I HATED him. He was hyper and ran all over the house. He would poop and piss everywhere. He would try to jump on the couch and on the kitchen chairs. He would bite on shoes or go through the trash can. I would always yell and get irritated with Kenny. I even told myself that I wouldn't like Kenny for a long time because I didn't like dogs (like I mentioned). Then the days and weeks went by and I guess I softened up. Then he soon became family. I see him as family now. It was immature of me to hate a dog the first time I saw him. Kenny is much better now. He always runs to the back door when he needs to use the restroom and doesn't bite on things anymore. He doesn't even bite people or other dogs. He's not a social dog either but it's only because we don't want other dogs to bite him or to give him bugs (you'll never know). Kenny's a sweet dog and he loves to play. But recently, we found that he started to grow moles. We don't know whether it's good moles or bad ones. He also started to have scabs with dried blood around them. I started to research and found that Kenny could possibly have ticks. It saddened me because all I could think of is: Why him? He's going to the vet this Tuesday and I hope they can remove all the scabs and the ticks. I hope nothing happens to Kenny. I hope they can help us. I pray that Kenny will be ok. He's family. Cherish your pet, especially a dog. They stay loyal to you.

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