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By: RockyRock

Endurance: The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

How much can one endure for love? The process of waiting, unacknowledgement of the outcome, obstacles, etc. The "special guy" and I just had a talk. A serious one. We've known each other for about 8-10 months now. Our siblings are still going out. We were talking about us. Where this "relationship" is going...How we felt...etc. I feel like we were enduring a lot. Whenever we would go out, it felt like we had to hide something. My parents don't want me to be in a relationship. I took that "want" from my parents and decided to not be in a relationship now, and in the future. Basically, I told the "special guy" that my decision is set on being single, now and in the future. He's very persistent and determined. But he asked me if I was sure about the decision and I said yes. It was hard because tears were running down my face. I felt like the bad guy. I felt like I just shattered his heart. It hurts hurting the one you love, but I want nothing but the BEST for him. He means so much to me and he can do so much better even though he tells me I'm the one for him. We've had a lot of memories together. Even though we weren't in an official relationship, it felt like it was. He wasn't ready to give up. He puts a lot of effort into this. For me, I'm just scared. 1.) Our siblings are going out and 2.) My parents doesn't want me to have a boyfriend. Both reasons are BIG reasons why I can't be with him. If that's the case, then I don't want him to waste his time. True, love is a risk. But life is too short to be waiting on something that might/might not happen. How much endurance would you take for the one you love?

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