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The Initial Download Of The NBA 2K18 Will Be 6.8GB

As you know, NBA 2K18 is the first title for Nintendo Switch whose cartridge will not include the entire game, so part of the experience will have to be downloaded from the eShop. So you do not get any surprises, Nintendo revealed how much space will be in your microSD memory.

According to the Nintendo of America support page, the initial download of the NBA 2K18 will be 6.8 GB, but will feature an additional "software update" of 16.1 GB. This means that the digital version of NBA 2K18 will occupy 22.9 GB of available space on your microSD; not counting possible future patches. At the moment, Nintendo has not specified how much you will have to download if you buy the physical version, but we imagine it will be the 16.1 GB of the additional update.

That's not all, since you must have 5 GB of available space in the internal memory of the Switch for each save file you want to have in NBA 2K18. We remind you that, for the moment, there is no way to transfer your save files to some memory.

This is likely due to the limitations in Switch cartridges, as well as the costs that have to produce them. That is, there is a possibility that 2K Sports would only decide to include a portion of the NBA 2K18 on the game card in order to require a lower capacity card and reduce production costs. Keep in mind that the above is just a conjecture and not something that the dealer has stated.

It is important to note that NBA 2K18 will not be the only game for Switch to adopt a similar model. What we mean is that Bethesda will only include the DOOM campaign in the cartridge, while the multiplayer will be available in the eShop.

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