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A Night...with KING Nicki! (Not including Saturday's show)

*sings* I wish that I could have this moment for life!! Friday, April 22nd of 2011 was the GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! As always, I want to first and foremost that GOD for the opportunity I was blessed with! I also want to thank my family, TEAM MINAJ, for the love and for truly sharing this moment with me. S/O to my sister Ashley, @cashleynika, who in some crazy mysterious way shared every moment of this particular day with me ;). I'm going to attempt to NOT have this blog as long as I usually have "Moment 4 Life" blogs...wish yourself luck lmao. Friday was an incredibly long day for me! No sleep, no food, no water...but what are these things when you're so close to Nicki? It had been since February 10th this year since I was in the presence of Nicki and I can't express how ecstatic I was to be blessed with yet another opportunity ro see her again! Chris, @Chris2Die4minaj, arrived at the Staples Center early as hell and the first thing we saw was a tour bus! It was then that it officially dawned on me, I was about to be in the same room as Nicki breathing the saaaame air!!! The fact that I would be able to speak to the woman who makes me smile every single day was incredibly overwhelming. As the time approached for me to meet up with Amie, the V.I.P host for meet & greet, I met 2 young ladies who initially I judged and titled them "CF's" lmao! Jazz & Keke are two amazing individuals! Chris and I departed and Jazz, Keke, and I stood in line to begin our meet & greet experience. As soon as I got my hands on my VIP pass, butterflies begin to LITERALLY fly in my stomach! the emotion that overtook me, I will never be able to explain. We went through the first half of the VIP experience: Merch shopping, VIP cupcakes lmaooo, and mingling! It was beautiful! Jazz, Keke, and I spent 90% of the time singing (we sounded AMAZING!!!). From there, Amie sent us off to the first quarter of the concert in which we seen Porcelain (the screamer), Travis Ta BEAST on them drums), and some DJ! At about 7:45pm, we headed back to the VIP room, the time was HERE! I must say that God is SOOO GOOD! I anticipated crying, passing out, etc... And after praying before entering the room a second time, God truly answered my prayer! I had no clue what to expect! Would Nicki or SB remember me? Would she like me? I knew NOTHING as to what to expect. As our nerves REALLY kicked in, Jazz, Keke, and I started singing yet again anf really tried to wrap our minds around the fact that we were really about to be with Nicki!!! After about only 15-20 minutes of waiting, Nicki walked into the room. My heart dropped, my stimach started hurting, my adrenaline rush was CRAZY! I cried at the sight of Nicki, Sb, Terrence, Day and even Dream!! My time was finally here again! As Team Minaj knows, the back of the line is where it's at! We did just that! About 5 minutes later, I decided to go up and converse with Day and Terrence and it was wonderful. The both of them are so incredibly sweet! I remembered one of the most important things I thought of days upon meeting Nicki, I wanted to PRAY with her. The thought of Nicki joining me as I connected with God, the UTMOST important thing in life period!! I remember saying to Day "OH! You know what, I want to pray with all you guys before you guys leave! Nicki, SB, you, T, the vaks, all of us!" And she says "Nicki would DEFINITELY embrace that, you know she does that before every show, she'll love that.". That made my heart smile at just the thought! From there I glanced at SB and waved...he gave me this "I know you" face and when I say I FLIPPED, I went CRAZY! Lol I called SB over and eventually, he came over and greeted the 3 of us! As he walked over, the first thing I did was reach out for a hug. He sayd "first time meeting me outside of a car", that blew my mind!! I never said my twitter name or MY name and he remembered me :') amazing feeling...when I mentioned the face SB made and said "you remembered!!", SB replied "Of course I remember you...Nelly." That is yet ANOTHER moment that melted my heart! I never said my name and he remembers who I was... *happy sigh*... *skips some* the line in front of us was gone and it was Jazz, Keke, and myself left. It was time to see Nicki!! :) eye to eye, face to face! My heart started racing like never before..this time it was different. No one was bum rushing a car and screaming at Nicki. It was peaceful and personal. First up, me :) Nicki looked at me and put her arms out for a hug. For a split second, I went completely blank!! She was looking at ME reaching out for a hug...from...ME! There is no other feeling in the world compatible to a feeling such as that! I slowly walked up to her and for a second, I had to stop and grab a hold of my knees which became weak!! No joke, not by any means trying to be humorous, I got weak in the knees! All I could say was "Oh My God...Oh My God...OH....MY...GOD! Is this real??" As I continued walking towards Nicki, SB says "that's Nelly, you remember her? We met her at Jay Leno!" :') I really CAN'T describe the feeling but...I hugged Nicki and my heart was so warm!! It was beautiful! Nicki and I spoke for a while and she says "ok, let's take this picture." I didn't expect to get a solo picture but, I did. BLESSING :) I remembered that I wanted to be branded and said "Nicki!!! Can I have a nickname!!" Lol she said "sure!! what's your name?". I mentioned speaking to her/NORMAN on tmr and she said "ooooh, Norman!! *big eyes*" such a cute moment lol I told her my name and from there, she branded me, JOHNELLnika :) I find it amazing it has nika at the end of all things lol...after that, I stepped back and allowed Keke and Jazz to have their moment and continued talking to SB. I mentioned the prayer thing to him in which he let me know it was most likely NOT possible considering they were running behind schedule. I wasn't upset yet understanding. After Jazz & Keke took their pics, we all ended up conversing again. Nicki asked us if we wanted to take another picture, a group one. Of course we did! Did that and right after, Nicki turned to me and said "So are we going to pray?" I was definitely shocked considering I never mentioned praying to HER. I responded, "Well, SB said you guys had to go." All I remember before praying is Nicki saying she did want to pray and her grabbing my right hand. I BELIEVE I said "ok, well let's pray, we can make this quick..". SB, Terrence, Day, Keke, Jazz, the 2 Vaks that were there, and a couple other people joined the circle where we all bowed our heads and I lead us all in prayer. During my prayer, it never once really set in that Onika Maraj was next to me holding MY hand while I was praying, the one thing that means more to me than life itself! DURING my moment 4 life, I was able to step back and thank God ALONG SIDE Nicki. I thanked God for one bringing us all there safe, for Nicki, for the blessings he has shed upon her, etc... It was a beautiful prayer from the bottom of my being! Writing this blog, I realize that I was TRULY blessed to share my spiritual connection to God WITH Nicki! What it did and means to me is something I can never explain! Nicki did something that people dearest to me don't even do. LIFE! After my prayer, Nicki let my hand go, turned to me, and said "Give me a hug, thank you so much for praying with me, you're a beautiful ladybug..." I will never as long as I live forget that moment! Of all things I experienced that weekend: hugging Nicki, pictures, the concert itself, etc.., NOTHING impacted me as much as praying with Nicki did!! It was a very humbling experience..Nicki loves ME enough to pray WITH me. It meant the world and more to me! Team Minaj, that woman sincerely loves every single one of us wholeheartedly! She loves us and knowing that based on immeasurable actions is the greatest feelings in the world! We all started to walk out of the VIP room and I remember saying to Nicki, "Nicki, is this life? Did you REALLY say my name, pauz" lmaooo and she would say it again, "JOHNELLnika!" I think she got a kick out of me spazzin.. We walked Nicki to the elevator and damn near got on with her, what the hell were we doing? Lol Dream blocked the elevator and we said bye to Nicki. She said bye and from there the spazzing and semi-strokes took place! TRUE Moment for LIFE!! Just as we left Nicki, I tweeted, "I just prayed with Onika Maraj!! My life............complete" and in that moment, that was the absolute best was to explain the emotion rushing through my body! We went back into the arena and from that moment on, I couldn't stop smiling..(Still haven't stopped) :) Nicki's performance was PHENOMENAL! The energy Nicki brought into that arena along side SB was something I had never experienced before!!! I can't wait to see her again! That woman is everything to me! My heart! The experience I was blessed with is one I carry with me every single day! Whenever I'm not as happy, I will ALWAYS think of this moment and just smile! Best time of my life!! I may have left out a few things due to loss of memory (we all know this happens when around Nicki *thanks God I remembered my name*) but overall, this was my experience FRIDAY! Following Friday, I went to the show in Anaheim where again, I attended to VIP meet & greet and saw Nicki again :) incredible! Sorry this is so long *pauz* but this is something I had to do!! Lol I love you guys and thank you again for your love and having me so hype!!! Nicki, SB, T, Day, EVERYONE involved, thank you for everything! It really meant the world to me! I love you!!! :*) ps. Forgive ANY typos if you find some..I wrote this around 2 something in the a.m e_e lol -Nelly (Johnellnika)

  1. caseycantwell avatar

    On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 5:25 AM, caseycantwell said:

    That is an amazing experience, I'm so glad u shared! Onika really does love you

  2. Janielle avatar

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Janielle said:

    Nelly... This was truly a moment for life and I felt every emotion in your words... One day when Nicki comes back home to this liddle country of mine, I will also have my moment for life... I am so proud of you, God is definitely a good God and He rewards His ppl .. Even I feel weak in the knees at your story.. I am so happy for you in a way words cannot dear explain... Praying to the King with the Queen, that's perfection...Love you Nelly and your Dolly Llama spirit... muuuuaaaahhhhh Stay beautiful, Stay blessed.. Janielle xoxo

  3. xoxoShari avatar

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 3:37 PM, xoxoShari said:

    OMGGGGGG ! tears came to my eyes reading this ! :*) you are blessed for your M41 ! i love youuuu nelly, aka JOHNELLnika aka my sisterrrrr < 3 :))))

  4. MinajTriniRican avatar

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 3:36 PM, MinajTriniRican said:

    Nelly, OMG I'm so happy for u girlie...That prayer is a TRUE accomplishment...I'm glad all went good

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