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What IS "Team Minaj"?

What we are, has several different point of views and an incredibly immeasurable amount of opinions! I like to write when things are heavy on my mind and right now, I have A LOT I would like to address in hopes that you will read, understand, and take into consideration some of the things I personally have to say. First and foremost we, Team Minaj, are a family! We are supposed to act as such and lately, I've seen the total opposite. Bickering with others in Team Minaj, throwing SHADE like CRAZY, instigating verbal altercations, and continuous negativity towards other. Its sad that we, and I say WE because Team Minaj is ONE (should be), forget things Nicki address SHORTLY after she addresses it. It seems that we forget the fact that she hates to see us argue! But why do we argue? One of the main things I see that provoke arguments are people "hating" on others specifically because of experiences with Nicki and that, more than anything bothers me! Being able to see and or talk to Nicki is truly a blessing that not many people may have the opportunity to experience, but something you as TEAM MINAJ should be happy for when it comes to individuals also a part of Team Minaj. The times I've been blessed to see and talk to Nicki, I have look at it as a moment I've shared with not only her, but Team Minaj!! Nicki loves us all as a whole and shows that in every way when she sees us! I really just wish we could be happy and appreciate moments others have an opportunity to experience rather than hate, bash, and throw shade. It is never necessary and its sad! That's MY opinion. There are some who feel that when other see Nicki more than once, they begin to feel as if they are better than others. NEVER the case! Again, it is SUCH a blessing to be able to talk to Nicki and see her but realistically that 5 to 10 minutes WON'T make you better than anyone! With that being said truthfully, why would YOU feel that people think they're better than you because they've seen or spoke to Nicki? I'm more than positive they don't feel as such. So why be upset? Why throw shade? Why hate? Its unnecessary and its sad! We should really start acting like a family..NO we won't agree on everything! Were human, we were all raised in different environments, and we all believe different things! Sure! But as others have said, we can all agree that we love and care for Onika Maraj!! So many things have taken our focus off why we're TEAM MINAJ!! Some have become focused on follows, followers, being the "TOP DOG" (when in reality there's only ONE), LITERALLY being a follower of those you feel are "top dogs", etc... And in MY opinion, that has NOTHING to do with being Team Minaj! Its not just a name, title, or booster! Its a part of life and a TRUE support system for a young woman who has in some way, change our lives! I've become extremely close with a few others in Team Minaj and it has been a blessing! I think everyone can relate! However, I will NEVER find myself apart of "cliques" and "groups" of any such because as you may notice, it can be the root of several problems! Some may read this and say "its just twitter" and realistically IT IS however, SOME people use twitter as an escape! SOME people have nothing BUT twitter! If it was just twitter without Team Minaj, I'm sure it would mean much less to the majority of us. I just really wish we could respect one another ALL the time and be loving! Now if someone is disrespectful, of course its appropriate to address it but at the end of the day, NO ONE is better than anyone in Team Minaj!! Have you ever thought about why Nicki doesn't tweet US that much anymore? Yes she's busy but you see in damn near every picture her blackberry is at hand! What if she stopped tweeting US because of how we act towards each other? What if?? Just as you may not know, I don't either but what if? DO know that Nicki see and or hears about EVERYTHING as well as some of us in Team Minaj!! I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, whether I talk to you much or not, I LOVE YOU! Team Minaj is truly my family and I pray to God one day we can all be on the same page and things can flow on a positive note ALL THE TIME!! This blog was written because I feel that it MAY help as I hope it does. It's all MY opinion and inspired by things that I see that have, in a sense, effected me! Muaaah! Blessings & Love! -Nelly (Johnellnika)

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:19 AM, BabyKay said:


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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 1:23 AM, MiNAJ_MY_STAR said:

    #TeamMinaj !!!! Truth has been BLogged

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 1:22 AM, _FaithInMINAJ said:

    Spoken in true words this blog is Everything!!!

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 1:18 AM, xoxoShari said:

    THISSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 1:16 AM, Blazin_Minaj said:

    Nothin but the truth was wrote in every line! I pray that others who read this will take what they're suppose to out of it.

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 12:50 AM, TeamMinajVA said:

    OOMMGG this blog is the TRUTH! EVERYBODY in team minaj needs to read this!

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 12:45 AM, MANNiNG_ELiBARB said:

    Seriously...U have took the words straight outta my mouth..thats exactly what i was tryin to tell #TeamMinaj..luv ya sis :)

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    On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 12:23 AM, Janielle said:

    How do I even begin to comment? I am not a big twitter fan... I only joined to be an inch closer to the woman who holds my heart... I said it before and I say it again ... ppl treat TeamMinaj as a popularity contest... aka as u said top dog... I see the shade on my timeline, and I wonder how does Nicki feel? We are infact a family, Nicki grew up with fighting in her household, I don't want her to see it in her Team. I totally get it... Members of TeamMinaj are sometimes so self-fish they spazz out for ustreams n tweets but forgot the message she conveys... Everyone wanna be Nicki's friend but they wanna trample on the goodness of the Team and the advice of the leader... NO ONE is better than anyone in Team Minaj... Not that I give a shit about a follow... But i understand why she unfollows ppl... It goes back to her "energy" blog.. (she deleted it) ... and her "bighead" blog... too much attention goes to their heads... I think how can you love someone and yet act like a complete ass when you don't get that "love" you think you deserve... sighs... I can't take the drama on my T/L, and that's me... When Nicki goes to tweet she already have chimpanzees to deal with, why add this?... I love Ms Maraj so much.. if you love her, show her love.. love what she loves... listen to her... I'm done... words fail me to express what i feel for her... I just wanna hold her and tell her she's da best and thank you... She plays such an integral of my life, she may never know but God knows.. God Bless Her Heart... I love her too much.. words can't express... Nelly thanks4writing this... Stay Beautiful, Stay Blessed ... xoxo .. Janielle

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    On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 11:52 PM, TeamMinajAustin said:


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    On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 11:37 PM, DeJaunnaxD said:

    im here for this!!!!!
    this is the #TRUTH!

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