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First, thank you to everyone who has made a decision to participate in something I believe can really benefit not only you but others who may also be inspired by it. Being able to share this with you guys has also been motivation for me and again, thank you. Also, I want to thank those who have taken the initiative to add things to the project making it that much easier for us to communicate and help one another as we all strive to do better! This is for US! I want to stress that 18362939 times so that you know. I didn't share this with the intention on giving the impression that we're doing this FOR Nicki. You're not. This is something you're doing to benefit yourself as well as a way of showing Nicki you're thankful and have truly been inspired. Nicki is however the motivation in this projects entirety. This is something she's been telling us for the longest time and now that we have that extra push, it's time!! #TheBarbzMission is to do whatever it is we need to do to better ourselves and also make Nicki proud. Imagine how she'll feel seeing her biggest supporters succeed :) Again for those who aren't/"don't need" to participate, all I'm asking of you is to support it. This is something incredibly positive and if you have a voice, you too can make that much of a difference as for how this will turn out. Keep the project alive; tweet #TheBarbzMission, encourage those you see speaking of participation, and more than anything understand the motives. If you are excellent in any specific subject and would like to help with tutoring, contact @flymuthaphunker and be included on our mission tumblr page  (thank you again for this). Any other questions, feel free to ask me (@TeamMinajBXTCH) or Shari (@MisszSharii)

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    On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 2:42 AM, KrissyTia said:

    Yooo this is amazing....I'm tearing up...this is such a fantastic initiative. I feel proud of everyone already....I know this will motivate alot to people to do WELL @ whatever it is they do.

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