Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 7:00 PM

#TheBarbzMission almost complete!!

TheBarbzMission!! You guys have been doing an incredible job so far and though I'm nobody important, I'm really proud of y'all as you should be for yourself. We're putting the site together for your accomplishments for 11/14 and if you've already complete your goal, send us the following info to [email protected]: twitter name, first and last name, age, grade (if school involved), where you're from, a photo of yourself (if you're comfortable), a photo of your current accomplishments (graded papers, report cards/progress reports. also previous report cards/progress reports for comparison), and include a short paragraph of what you stated your goal was when this entire "mission" started. (Ex: my goal was to end this quarter with a straight A report card). We're giving you guys until the 12th of November to email us this info so that we at least have 2 days in advance to get all of you on the site. Also, if you didn't originally sign up to be on as a "participating barb", we're giving you guys today, October 15, 2012, to do that! Send your name, age, grade, & where you're from to @flymutherphunker! Don't forget! This is our way of keeping track of who's been with us from the beginning and who will be priority as for being on the site we're putting up for celebration! Final project! You guys worked hard and you should be acknowledged for it. Thanks y'all & keep up the amazing work! xoxoxo - Nelly

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    On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:40 PM, itsHarjMinaj said:

    I know I sound stupid, but how do you sign up as a participating barb? i can't find @flymutherphunker on twitter:( xoxo

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