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Alright y'all! We've listed 10 songs and so we don't hear the same song over and over, you each have to pick ONE and quick! First to tweet the song and or song number to me gets it! (@TeamMinajBXTCH) I will respond and let you know if it's taken so have a couple in mind. Rappers, your job is to pick ONE song as well and remix it anyway you'd like to. If that's changing the words, it must still relate to the song you've chosen. Both singers and rappers, make whatever song you pick fit for you! Do NOT try to be that artist. Khorey and I have officially "hit a wall" and decisions will be difficult. Do your absolute best. Some of you allowed your nerves to render you and as of Sunday, that will be the quickest way to disqualify yourself. You guys have sang for HUNDREDS on bbr ;) shake the shyness and win this ticket! Have fun and kill it! Again, tweet me NOW!!! BBR will be live 5pm ET this Sunday. If you miss it, you will immediately disqualify yourself. Your song choices are:
1. Angel of Mine - Monica
2. Mama - Boys II Men
3. Don't Change - Musiq Soulchild
4. Worlds Greatest -R Kelly
5. Halo- Beyoncè
6. The One I Gave My Heart To - Aaliyah
7. Confetti - Tori Kelly
8. Love - Musiq Soulchild
9. 2012 - Chris Brown
10. Save Me - Nicki Minaj

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