Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 5:34 AM

To: Nicki Minaj

By: jovybarb

In life it is rare that you find a special and unique person that you call a friend. It is even more rare when you have not met that special and unique friend. Nicki Minaj you are that friend we ALL have. It is because of you that we find the courage to be ourselves and not be afraid to grow. You were made special by GOD to change lives in this world for the better. Despite the critics and haters you continue to grow and rise above the small minded individuals. They were made as obstacles which GOD gave to you to show that you are one of his strongest soldiers. WE will always stand with you no matter what "This too shall pass". Thank you for being that special friend to me. Whatever you do remember that we will be there with you and he will too. I LOVE YOU NICKI
-Truly your #1 fan/barb

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