Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj (a Nicki Minaj Fanfic) Chapter 4

In The Morning When Drake and Nicki Got their Luggage and Checked Out Of the Hotel and Put the Luggage in the Trunk Of the Limousine Got in the White Limo to take Them to The Airport to Go Back to L.A.

While they Were On Their Way, Nicki Got a Phone Call and the Caller ID Said "Unknown Caller" But Nicki Answered it anyway and a Song Played That Sounded Like Lil Kim Voice She Put the Phone On Speaker.

Here is What She Heard From The Phone:

Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)
by Lil Kim

Shut the fuck up, who the fuck want war? FedEx Beef straight to your Front Door. It'll Be a Murder Scene. I'm Turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th. Aight Lil Kim Clone Clown

(Then They Skiped a Few Parts)

this hood shit you and drake aint built for this the shit.

The Person Hung up. "Who the Fuck Was That" Drake Asked "I Don't Know it Just Played a Track by Lil Kim" Nicki Said

Then They Arrived at the Airport. Drake Helped Nicki With Her Bags.They Got On the Private Jet and Nicki Fell Asleep an Hour Later and Slept the Whole Flight back but Woke Up When The Plane Would Land in 30 Minutes.

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