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Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj (a Nicki Minaj Fanfic) Chapter 5

The Plane Had Landed at L.A.X. Airport and When Drake and Nicki Got All Their Luggage and Made Their Way Through The Screaming Fans to the Black Limousine and Put The Luggage in The Trunk and Got in, Nicki Phone Had Rang With This Ring Tone:

Started From the Bottom by Drake
Started From The Bottom, Now We Here,Started From the Bottom Now My Whole Team Fucking Here.

Nicki Answered The Phone Even Though it Said Unknown Caller


???-Is this Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj?
Nicki-Yes That's Me
???-Do You Think You Can Perform for us in San Diego, California
N-Yes But For What Reason?
???-For a Charity to Raise Money For People With Breast Cancer.You Can Call Back to Book a Time.
Nicki-OK What is the Phone Number
Nicki-OK,(I Said As I Wrote it Down)I Will Give you a Call, Bye

I Hung Up.

I'm Scared Because That Mystery Person New My Phone Number because People Usually Call My Manager to Book Stuff like that and I Ain't Calling Back Because Who's Number Would be (123) 456-7890? And Also the Voice Sounded Like Lil Kim's Voice But a Bit Deeper.I Wonder if She is Planning a Scam?

"Who Was that?" Drake Asked "I Don't Know but the Voice Sounded Like Lil Kim's But a Lil Deeper and they Asked if I Could Perform at a Fundraiser to Raise Money for Charity for People With Breast Caner," I Said then Continued, "They Said Their Number Was 123-456-7890 and I Think Kimberly (Lil Kim Real Name) is Planning Something Evillike a Scam.I'm Scared Drake I'm Scared" I Said Starting to Cry Then They Arrived at My Place and Took My Luggage Inside. "Drake You Wanna Come in For a Bit?" I Asked Drake "Nah Ima Head Home,Bye Nic" Drake Said "Bye Drizzy" I Said As I Gave Him a quick Peck on the Lips Before He got Back in the Limo and Left.

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